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Yes. Multiplying any number by zero results in zero.

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Q: When you multiply and number by 0 the product is 0?
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Can 0 be the identity for multiplication?

No. The identity for multiplication is the number 1. If you multiply a number by 1, then the product is the original number. If you multiply a number by zero, the product is zero, so the number has 'lost it's identity'

When you multiply by 0 the product is always?

The product would always be 0.

What is multiplicative inverse of 0?

There is no multiplicative inverse of 0. By definition, when you multiply a number by its multiplicative inverse, the product is 1. However, when you multiply 0 by anything, the product is 0. Those two statements could not logically co-exist if there were any multiplicative inverse of 0, so there is no such thing.

What is the least product possible when you multiply a 1-digit number greater than 0 by a 2 digit number?


What is the product of any number multiplied by 0?

It is zero. No matter how many times you multiply a zero, it is always zero. 0.

What number is greater than 0 can you multiply 4 by to make the product less than 4?

the answer is 0.5

What is the greatest product possible when you multiply a 1 digit number greater than 0 by 2 digit number?

891 is the largest.

Is multiply a greater number or part?

It depends. If you start with a positive number, then multiply by a positive greater than one and the answer is greater; multiply by 1 and the answer is the same; multiply by a number between 0 and 1 and the answer is smaller; multiply by 0 and the answer is 0; multiply by a number less than 0 and the answer is negative.

Can you multiply an irrational number by a rational number and the answer is rational?

The product of an irrational number and a rational number, both nonzero, is always irrational

What numbers greater then 0 can you multiply 3.2 by to make the product less than 3.2 great than 3.2 or equal to 3.2?

To make the product equal to 3.2, multiply by one. To make the product greater or lesser than 3.2 multiply by a number greater or lesser than one, respectively.

What is the rule called when you multiply 0 bye any number and still end up with 0 as a product?

The rule is: "The product of zero and any number is zero." If the rule has a name, other than "The multiplication table of zero", I've never heard it.

How do you get three quarters of a number?

You get 3 quarters of a number by multiplying the number by .75; or you can multiply it by .25 and then multiply the product by 3. Or, you can multiply the number by 3, and then divide the product by 4.Half it and half it again. Then times it by 3