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6/10 of the distance from 0 to 1.

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Q: Where would 0.60 be on number line?
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Name 3 fractions that are equivvlent to 060?

060 as a whole number? .060? 0.60?

Which number is bigger .006 or .060?

0.06 is larger

A-1 positive or negative?

The number one on a number line would be positive. The number zero would be the middle number on a number line.

How would you write sixty hundredths in decimal form?


Where would you put the number 8.98 on the number line?

Put 8.98 a little to the left of the number 9 on the number line.

What is the coordinate of a points on the number line?

On a number line, that would be a single number that describes the position - basically, the number itself.

How do you put numbers on a number line?

A number line is composed of numbers in sequential order from a number A to a number B. For example, 1 2 3 4 5 would be a number line, if the numbers were arranged on a line with small "ticks" in order to define them. 5 4 3 2 1 would also be a number line, in a negative manner. Anything on the left of a number line is considered negative, anything on the right of a number line and the number 0 is considered positive.

Where would the fraction -2 8ths go on a number line?

-2/8 or -1/4 would go left of the 0 on the number line

How many thousand of a inch in sixteenth of a inch?

+/- .060 = 1/16 "

What is this number 2 409 060 000?

Two billion, four hundred nine million, sixty thousand. It is a composite number.

What is david blaine phone number?

You can not be serious about this question. What makes you think I would put my number on line? You can not be serious about this question. What makes you think I would put my number on line?

What do you create when you overlap a horizontal number line and a vertical number line?

you would get a grid that you can plot points on.

What cid is a 350 Chevy bored to 4.0625?

Depending on the piston type you are running, you would bore .030, .060, .090. Or, .020, .040. At .030, you come out to 355. So, at .060, 360.

Can irrational numbers be placed on a number line?

Yes. In fact, a number line would be full of an uncountably many infinite number of discontinuities (holes) without them and hence would not be a line, so in fact irrational numbers MUST be placed on the number line in order for it to exist.

Where would -7 be on the number line?

To the left of number 1.

What number could be 7 and 9 over 10 on a number line?

The number would be 7.9 on a number line. What you can do to find this number is go to the spot on the number line that says 7 and 8. Cut the number line between 7 and 8 into 10 pieces. Then count to the ninth peice and this is 7.9

What is a line that shows numbers in order from least to greatest?

That would be a number line.

What is 060 of an inch equal in mm?

1524 mm

What would the absolute value of a number signify?

The distance that number is from zero on a number line.

Where would -3.5 be on a number line?

A number line has negative numbers to the left of zero, and -3.5 is a distance of 3.5 to the left.

How would use a number line to fine the absolute value of -12?

Plot the number on the number line; count off the distance from -12 to zero.

On a topographic map how would you show an island in the ocean with an elevation of 80 feet if the contour interval is 10 feet?

You would just add 10 every contour line you pass until you get to the number 80.

What would be the new size of your Plymouth 318 if were bored 060 over?

It would probably be close to a 340 as the 340 is the same engine block as the 318. The stock 318ci has a 3.910 in. bore with a 3.31 in. stroke the very same stroke as a 340ci. The stock 340ci has a 4.04 in. bore. The .060 in. over bore would result in a 328ci engine. The formula for this is, 1/2 bore x 1/2 bore x 3.14 x stroke x number of cylinders.

How do you mark square roots on a number line?

This can not be done. Every non-negative number on the number line is the square root of its square. You would have to mark every number from zero on.

How would you use a number line to put integers in order from greatest to least?

Smaller numbers always go to the left of larger number on the number line.