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x2 ≥ 0 is one possible answer.

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Q: Which inequality has all real number as its solution?
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What are All points on a number line that represent the solution to an inequality?

solution set

Can a quadratic inequality have a solution set that is all real numbers?

Yes. Consider x2 ≥ 0

How can you tell whether the solution is an inequality?

That will all depend on what the question was!

What is the set of all numbers that make the inequality true?

It is the solution set for that particular inequality.

When we plot all the points that satisfy an equation or inequality what do we do?

We identify a set of points in the relevant space which are part of the solution set of the equation or inequality. The space may have any number of dimensions, the solution set may be contiguous or in discrete "blobs".

How can you check to see if a number is part of the solution set of an inequality?

You replace the variable by the number, do all specified calculations, and then check whether the resulting inequality is true or false. This is basically not very different from checking a solution of an equation.

What is the value of x if the inequality is 2x6?

Since it is an inequality, there is no way to solve for x. It equals all real numbers.

Which is not a solution of the inequality y-1?

the number 1 is the only solution. y-1 = 0 1-1 = 0 every single number except 1 is not a solution your domian would equal D=All Reals (such that y is not equal to 1)

Does checking just one inequality guarantee that a solution is correct?

Check all of the inequalities.

How do you graph the inequality 5X greater than negative 20?

5x > -20 divide both sides by 5; x > -4 On a number line graph all real numbers to the right of -4 and use an open dot at -4 to indicate that -4 is not a solution.

What is an inequality for all real numbers greater than or equal to six?

x ≥ 6

What values are solution to the inequality of x if less than or equal to 5 squared?

We say a solution to an inequality f(x) >= g(x) , is the set of all x such that the in equality is satisfied. It will look like this: For all x >= (<=) something, the condition is satisfied. Now, write your question out. x <= 5^2 Looks like a solution to me.

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