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It is the solution set for that particular inequality.

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Which set of numbers make this inequality true? a < b
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Someone answer.
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Which set of numbers make this inequality true? a < b

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Q: What is the set of all numbers that make the inequality true?
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What is solving inequalities?

It means to find all the numbers for which the inequality is true.

What is the value of x if the inequality is 2x6?

Since it is an inequality, there is no way to solve for x. It equals all real numbers.

What is an inequality for all real numbers greater than or equal to six?

x &ge; 6

Find all integer values of x that make the equation or inequality true x2 equals 9?

that would be limited to 3 and -3 for values of x

Is it true that all whole numbers are rational numbers?

Yes, it is true.

What is the equation for 45 less than 95?

First of all, if you have "Less than" or "Greater than" between your numbers, it means that you have an inequality, not an equation.The inequality is: 45

What does it mean to describe all of the numbers that satisfy both inequalities?

I assume you have inequalities that involve variables. If you replace the variable by some number, you will get an inequality that is either true or false. A value for the variable that results in a true statement is said to "satisfy" the inequality. For example, in: x + 3 &gt; 10 If you replace x by 8, you get a true statement, since 11 is greater than 10; if you replace x by 7, you get a false statement, since 10 is not greater than 10. In this case, there are two inequalities; you have to find all numbers that satisfy both inequalities; in other words, that convert both inequalities into true statements.

Can a quadratic inequality have a solution set that is all real numbers?

Yes. Consider x2 &acirc;&permil;&yen; 0

What is x is less than or equal to -3?

It is an inequality that defines all numbers (in the domain) such that they are not 3 or more.

When graphing a linear inequality in two variables how do you know if the inequality represents the area above the line?

Take a sample point from either the top or bottom of the graph. I like to use (0,0) if it is not on the line. Substitute it into the inequality and if it is true then it represents all points on that line as true and vice versa.

How do you write an algebraic inequality for... all numbers x are greater than or equal to negative four?

x &ge; -4

True or false Are all whole numbers are natural numbers?

It depends, many people do count 0 as a natural number, but MOST do not. So for most HS text book, the answer is NO, all whole numbers are not natural numbers and the reason is 0 is a whole number but not a natural number.