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The instrument you would use to measure temperature is a thermometer!!!!!

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Q: Which instrument can be used to measure the temperature to 0.1 degree centigrade between 0 degree centigrade and 100 degree centigrade?
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In Canada is Fahrenheit or centigrade used to measure temperature?

Centigrade is used in Canada .

How many degrees Cecilius in one degree centigrade?

Celsius and centigrade are the same measure of temperature

What instrument do you temperature with?

measure temperature? A thermometer.

What is the standard universal measure for temperature?

It is Centigrade sometimes called Celsius.

What unit is used to measure the temperature in a room?

Fahrenheit or Centigrade (Celsius)

How many centigrade in a gram?

Centigrade (Celsius) is a measure of temperature. Gram is a weight. One cannot be equal to the other.

How do you convert pascals to centigrade?

You don't. Pascals is used to measure pressure, centigrade is used to measure temperature. Those two are completely different things.

What are similarities between Kelvin and Fahrenheit?

They are ways to measure temperature. That's it. The Kelvin scale is actually much closer to the centigrade scale. Actually, it is the centigrade scale, just with an added constant.

What are different units to measure temperature?

Degrees Centigrade (Celsius), Fahrenheit, or kelvins.

What is the highest temperature a mercury thermometer can measure?

100 degrees Celsius or centigrade.

What instrument indicates temperature?

Instruments that measure temperature are thermometers.

What is temperature measure in metric system?

Temperature is measured in the metric system using degrees Celsius (centigrade).

How does the instrument used to measure air temperature differ from the instrument used to take your temperature?

they are the same

What is instrument is used to measure temperature?


What instrument do they use to measure temperature?


What unit of measure would you use to find the temperature in a fish tank?

Degrees Centigrade.

What instrument do you use for measuring temperature?

We use a thermometer to measure temperature.

What instrument measures the temperature of boiling water?

You don't need one, at standard atmospheric pressure water boils at 100 degrees centigrade and remains at 100 degrees centigrade while it continues to boil away. However, should you need to measure the temperature for some reason, then you would use a thermometer to do this.

What is the instrument that is used to measure the temperature called?

A thermometer

What instrument is used to measure temperature of a place?


Which instrument is used to measure high temperature?

A 'pyrometer'

What is the definition of thermometor?

An instrument used to measure temperature.

What instrument is use to measure the temperature of soil?

a hygrometer

What instrument is used to measure radiant temperature?


What instrument is used to measure blood temperature?

A thermometer