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Math.sqrt(number) function is used to find the square root of a number.. try it

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2009-10-30 09:57:19
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Q: Which math function is used to find the square root of a number using java?
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When using a calculator to find the square root of a number what is the right sequence of steps?

It depends on the calculator - some have the sqrt function, with others you need to use the exponent.

How do you find square root of a number without using calculator?

try to find what number times the same numbers equals the number that you have.

How do you write flowchart to find factorial of given number using recursive and non recursive?

1. flochart of cp Program to find factorial of number using function

How do you find square root of a number with using calculator?

the z looking thing

What are sequence of steps using a calculator to find the square root of a number?

If your calculator has an exponentiation function, simply raise the number to the power of .5 Remember this trick: the nth root of X = X ^ (1/n)

When using a calculator to find the square root of a number which what is the correct sequence of steps?

D. enter the number; press the square root key

How do you find root square root using program c?

That's what function sqrt is good for, prototype in math.h.

How would you find the square root of 64.36 using a factor tree?

The square root of 64.36 is an irrational number. Consequently you cannot find the root using a factor tree.

Help I am using open office for PC and you cant find any function that will search the spreadsheet for a a number you put into a cell Is there a function for that?

It will find a number - if the number is not a formula. For example - if you search for the number 30 it will find it - BUT - if the product in a cell is the result of a formula it will disregard it.

How do you find square of 0.6?

The same way you find the square of any other number. Either use the "square" function on your calculator - it should like something like x2 - or multiply the number with itself (in this case, 0.6 x 0.6).

How do you find a square of a number using c plus plus?

Multiply the number by itself, just as you would in maths.

Find out the square root for that given number using string?

Halv that given number,Make a square that has that half number as the length of a side.Stretch the string across the diagonal of the square from corner to corner.The length of the string is the square root of the given number

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