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According to Wikipedia, Carl Friedrich Gauss invented it. Quote Wikipedia,

"Modular arithmetic was introduced by Carl Friedrich Gauss in his book Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, published in 1801."

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What note sits in the middle of the grand staff

Ancient musical instrument similar to the buccina

What were the Greek Muses known for

Using two pieces of string stretched to the same tension Pythagoras discovered the ratio for creating the interval of a perfect octave was

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Q: Which mathematician discovered modular arithmetic
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In modular arithmetic must the modular always be greater than the remainder?

Yes, because that is how remainder is defined. If the remainder was bigger, you would subtract one (or more) modular values until the remainder became smaller than the modulus.

What is the difference between modular arithmetic and ordinary arithmetic?

In ordinary arithmetic, the resulting value will be from an infinite set of values but in case modular arithmetic, resulting value will be from a finite set of values.Open in Google Docs ViewerOpen link in new tabOpen link in new windowOpen link in new incognito windowDownload fileCopy link addressEdit PDF File on PDFescape.come.g. in ordinary arithmetic, the sum of two integers, the result will be an integer in the range {..., -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, ...}for modular arithmetic, the sum of two integerslike (a+b)mod n will be in the range {0, 1, 2, ... n-1}

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The arithmetic logic unit or ALU performs arithmetic, logic, and integer operations. ALU was created by mathematician John von Neumann in 1945.

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