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the decimal point

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Q: Which period is not mentioned when you read or write numbers?
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How do you use a decimal point to read and write very small numbers?

It separates the numbers

How do you write a program in java to read ten numbers and print sum of ten integers?

Add the numbers into one variable as you read them in. But if you prefer, you can read the numbers into an array and then use a loop to add the numbers together.

What was the long period of time before people could read or write?


How do you write one million fifteen thousand dollars in numbers?

$1,015,000 is the usual form in the US. Other parts of the world use a dot or period [stop] to separate the groups of three digits instead of a comma. The demarcations make the numbers much easier to read.

How do you get your English perfect?

Read read read read. And then write write write write.

During the colonial period of American history 90 percent of people could read and write?


How to Write a psuedocode algorithm to read in three numbers and print the highest and lowest number?

read num1 read num2 sum = num1 num2 print highest value

How do you write a program to read set of numbers using by an array and display the ascending order of the given input numbers?

To write a C++ program to display the student details using class and array of object.

Why there is a need to study how to read and write scientific notation?

To save writing out very large numbers or very small numbers that have lots and lots of noughts.

What is the correct way to write out decimals in words?

When writing a decimal out in words, the numbers before the decimal are written as if they are whole numbers, and the numbers after the decimal are read as digits. Therefore, for example, 150.35 is read one hundred and fifty point three five.

How can you write 29 April 2011 in 5 letters without using numbers?

Today (considering you'll read this answer today).

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This is the period when the young Rizal learned how to read, write and listened to stories which triggered his imaginative and critical thinking. This is also the period when he learned virtues and values from his family.