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Without any equality signs the given expression can't form any equations and so therefore determining the values of x and y is not possible.

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Q: Which two points satisfy y -x2 plus 2x plus 4 and x plus y 4?
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What is the answer for 2x plus 3y equals 3?

There are infinitely many answers and they comprise the coordinates of all points on the line that satisfy the equation.

Y 2x-5 Y 2x plus 7?

Y = 2x-5 and Y = 2x plus 7 is a linear system which intersects at points (-2,2)

What is the solution of the system 2x plus 3y equals 2 and 4x plus 6y equals 4?

That system of equations has no solution. When the two equations are graphed, they turn out to be the same straight line, so there's no such thing as a single point where the two lines intersect. There are an infinite number of points that satisfy both equations.

Y minus 4 equals 2x plus 1 in intercept form?

y - 4 = 2x +1y = 2x + 5The two intercept points are (0, 5) and (-5/2, 0)

Line BC has an equation of a line y 2x plus 3 and line EF has an equation of a line y negative one over 2x plus 4. These two equations represent (5 points)?

If you mean y = 2x+3 and y = -1/2x+4 then the two lines are perpendicular to each other meeting at right angles.

Are there any solutions to the system of inequalities y equals 2x plus 3 and y equals 2x - 1?

There are no common points for the following two equations: y = 2x + 3 y = 2x - 1 If you graph the two lines, since they have the same slope, they are parallel - they will never cross.

How many terms in 2x plus 1?

There are two terms which are 2x and 1

What is the graph for 2x plus 4y4?

If you mean: 2x+4y = 4 then the graph joins the points: (2, 0) and (0, 1)

What satisfy y -2x?

y -2x when solved mathematically would remain y - 2x.

Which graph could be used to find the solution of the system of equations y equals 2x plus 6 and y equals x2 plus 4x plus 3?

One way would be to graph the two equations: the parabola y = x² + 4x + 3, and the straight line y = 2x + 6. The two points where the straight line intersects the parabola are the solutions. The 2 solution points are (1,8) and (-3,0)

What is 2x plus 2?

2x + 2 is an algebraic expression. It is also a polynomial and it has two terms: 2x and 2.

What are the co-ordinates points of y equals 2x plus 1 equals?

Simply substitute any value for y, solve for x for points along the line Y = 2X + 1