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Inches or centimetres would both be sensible.

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Q: Which unit of length would be most appropriate to desribe the length of of your foot?
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Which unit of length would be most appropriate to describe the length of a foot?

Answer: Inches

Which unit of measurement would be appropriate to measure the length of a bus?

The 'foot' or the 'meter' would both do nicely.

What appropriate metric unit to describe the length of your foot?

It is centimetres.

Appropriate unit to measure the length of a soccer field?

Yards or Foot.

What is the appropriate unit of measurement for the length of a family room?

'Foot' or 'meter' will probably produce the most convenient numbers.

What is a crew length sock?

THe crew length sock originated when the military decided that it had a standard length that was appropriate for all military socks. That length was 4.23 inches from the base of the foot. Coincidentally, the average length of the male ring finger.

What unit would you use to measure the length of your foot?


Does the length of your foot measure up to the length of your wrist to your elbow?

The length of your foot should but not on everyone. The average person's foot measures up.

What equipment would you use to measure foot length?

To measure a foot length you could use a ruler, a yard stick, a tape measure, or any object that you knew was precisely one foot long on a side or edge.

What is the independent variable?

Any variable can be the independent variable. It depends partly on what the dependent variable is, partly on the relationship you are examining. For example, if looking at age and length of children's feet, foot length would be considered the dependent variable. But if looking at foot length and shoe size, then foot length would be the independent variable.

How do you reduce our foot length?

A persons foot length cannot be changed organically or through some kind of binding or other treatment and it is not an option in plastic surgery.There would have toÊbe a major issue for a doctor to shorten a persons foot.

Difference in length of feet and foot?

Foot and feet are the singular and plural version of the same noun. So it would be 1 foot but six feet etc.