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Q: Who developed the branch of geometry called Topology?
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What is the study of shapes and measurement in geometry called?

It is called topology

What is the arrangement of computer on the network?

The arrangement of computers on a network is called topology. It describes how the individual computers are connected to each other and to the network.examples of topology are Star topology, ring topology, mesh topology, bus topology.

What is the conclusion of topology?

it is the physical & logical arringment is called topology

Which topology are all devices connected to one another in a closed loop?

An old topology called Token Ring

What is the physical network topology in which each node is connected to a central point?

It is called a Star topology

Physical layout on a network is called?


What is the best networking topology to use for a library lan and why?

he most commonly used network topology is a hybrid topology called the Star Bus TopologyRead more:

The type of geometry that you are learning in this course is called geometry?


The type of geometry that you are learning in this course is called geometry.?


The arrangement of the computers in a network is called the?

Without knowing a bit more about the context, probably "topology".Common network topologies are ring, star, bus and mesh.

What is a 5 sided shape for geometry called?

a five sided shape in geometry is called a pentagon

What is a half of a circle called in geometry?

Half a circle is called a "semicircle" in geometry.