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johann carl gauss

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Q: Who established the link between the concept of probability and statistics?
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Who establish the link between the concept of probability and statistics?

johann carl gauss

What is the fundamental concept for probability and statistics?

The fundamental concept is that there are many processes in the world that contain a random element. If that were not the case, everything would be deterministic and there would be no need for probability of statistics.

Random sample is a concept of?


What is the relationship between conditional probability and the concept of statistical independence?

If events A and B are statistically indepnedent, then the conditional probability of A, given that B has occurred is the same as the unconditional probability of A. In symbolic terms, Prob(A|B) = Prob(A).

What is the best definition for probability in geometry?

Since probability is not a geometric concept, there is no definition for it in geometry.

What does probability look like?

Probability is an abstract concept and so does not have any particular appearance.

Is relative frequency similar to the concept of probability?

The relative frequency of of an event is one possible measure of its probability.

What do you understand by concept of probability?

Probability concerns with estimating a likelyhood for an event to either yet to happen or would have happened.

What is the Difference between fuzzy logic and probability?

The difference between probability and fuzzy logic is clear when we consider the underlying concept that each attempts to model. Probability is concerned with the undecidability in the outcome of clearly defined and randomly occurring events, while fuzzy logic is concerned with the ambiguity or undecidability inherent in the description of the event itself. Fuzziness is often expressed as ambiguity rather than imprecision or uncertainty and remains a characteristic of perception as well as concept.

Where is it possible to learn about bayesian probability?

One can find information on the bayesian probability on many different websites including Wikipedia. It is defined as one of many interpretations of the concept of probability.

What are the types of probability?

They are generally agreed to be theoretical and experimental probabilities. Probability is probability. The concept may be applied to any causal event which has more than one potential outcome.

Marshal borrowed the concept of?

Marshal borrowed the concept of forces of demand and supply. This is a concept that had been established by Smith and Ricardo.

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