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Archimedes of Syracuse

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Q: Who figured out the value of pi that is used to measure the area of circles?
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Why do mathematician chose to measure area in squares instead of in rectangletriangles or circles?

For the same reason they chose to measure volume in cubic units

Can a circles area be a fraction?

yes it can

Why do mathematicians chose to measure area in squares instead of in rectangles or triangles or circles?

Because they (IMO) have the simplest area to find, to just square side. Triangles are half of a square Rectangles are uneven. Circles are rounded, and hard to find the area of. Plus, a square has 2 equal dimensions, so think 2D.

How do you convert from 1000 square inches to pounds?

You can't.Square inches is a measure of area, where as pounds is a measure of weight, and monetary value.

Do concentric circles have the same area?

Concentric circles have the same center. They are not necessarily the same size. If two concentric circles have the same area, then they are congruent, meaning they coincide when superimposed.

Why do we use pi's value to calculate a circle's area?

Pi is an experimentally found value that always works for circles, so we use it. Mathematical pi is not pie. it is a Greek letter pi.

Area of triangular prism?

25 centimeters is the area lol haha I figured this out

What facts are there about the area of a circle?

The derivative of a circles area is it's circumference.

How do you find value in a triangle?

It depends on what value you require: th length of a side, a measure of an angle, the area. And it also depends on what information you do have.

What is the measure of area?

The measure of area is Lebesgue measure on the plane.

How can pi be used?

Pi (3.141...) is used for circles, and circles only. You use it to find the area and circumfrence.

How is pie related to area of circles?

Area of any circle = pi*radius2

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