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Because they are bored themselves

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Q: Why do university students feel bored when they have no school in summer?
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Why do university students feel bored when they have no school in their summer vacation?

They say they hate it but they miss it

Why do university students get bored during summer vacation?

Because they feel that summer is too long for them, but they can still have some fun regardless

Why do university students get bored in summer?

It's highly likely that they need to make enough money for their fall and winter semesters

When do students get bored?

students get bored when a teachers teaching a boring thing. They also can get bored if nothing is going on.

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Is 'bored' an adjective?

Bored can be an adjective. For instance, "The bored students got more unruly as the class went on.

What are the reasons teenagers quit school?

Teenagers quit school for various reasons. Some students be bored or disinterested with the subjects they are learning. Some might drop out to help support a family.

If a school dance starts at 6-30 what time should it end?

probably at 10. After awhile, students might become bored. If you have students who drive, they might fall under a driving curfew in your state, also.

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Does the first day back from Summer Break Winter Break and Spring Break cause depression when back in school?

It makes everyone bored because they have had a while relaxing but will be refreshed. If you have tonnes of homework though you wil be bored and tired and annoyed

Should middle school students have assigned seating at lunch?

No middle school students need to learn how to talk and respond correctly to other students they know or may not know. How will they learn these life lessons if they are always seated by the same students?

What are benefits of having school all year?

Kids stay out of trouble in Summer because they cant get bored. They will be in school intead of at home by themselves during the day when their parents arent home. More learning time