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Q: Why do you change the subtraction sign to a positive sign when dealing with integers?
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What are the rules in addition and subtraction integers?

The rules for addition are as follows:The sum of two negative integers is a negative integerThe sum of two positive integers is a positive integerThe rules for subtraction are as follows:If they are two positive numbers, do it normallyIf there is a negative and a positive ,change it to addition and switch the SECOND integer sign

How do you solve 4 - -2?


What is negative eight minus two?

Negative - a positive would make it keep it change it change it so the problem would look like this -8 + -2 = -6, Im in honors math just to let you know, with all the subtraction problems, if they are integers,you do keep it change it change it keep the first digit and don't do anything to it change the subtraction sign to an addition sign and if the next integer is positive make it a negative if it is a negative make it a positive.

In x - 3 does absolute value change the subtraction into addition?

no, the absolute value does not change the subtraction into addition. it does however, change the difference to positive ( if the difference is negative)

Is subtracting integers and adding integers related?

Integers are any positive or negative whole numbers. Subtraction involves taking the subtrahend from the minuend.You take the value of the first, and take it away from the second, and depending on the signs that are similar (positive/negative) they can cancel and override each other.

What is the rule for subtracting integers?

if they are two positive numbers, do it normally.If there is a negative and a positive, change it to addition and switch the SECOND integer sign. Only works with two integers in a subtraction question.Example: (-32)-(+2)= (-34) / (-32)+(-2)=(-34)

What is rule of subtraction integers?

if substracting by two negatives your going to add ex: -2-(-5) it would be positive 7. if your substracting with two differ numbers it you would substract and take the sign the sign of the biggest number.ex: 2+(-3) it would be-1 sice 3 is bigger than2 you take the sign of 3

Why when subtracting a negative number must you change the subtraction sign to an addition sign?

Because a negative negative is the same a a positive, and because of the definition of subtraction and addition.

Why do you subtract negative numbers if it is really just adding?

you have to do keep change change keep the first number change the subtraction sign to a add and the negative to a positive

How do you use keep change flip to learn the concept of adding negative and positive integers?


How do you solve an equation involving subtraction of positive and negative numbers?

well it is easy to the second integer change the sigh to the opposite one and also change the subtraction sign to a adding sign and add ex 3- +5= 3+-5=-2

How do you multiplies and divides integers?

Multiplying and dividing integers is real easy. All you have to do is do regular dividing and multiplying keeping in mind these simple rules: RULES: 1: When multiplying or dividing integers, when the numbers are a positive, positive they equal a positive. When the numbers are negative, negative they equal a positive. In other words, same signs equal positive. 2: This rule is very similar to the rule above. The only change is that when the signs are different, they equal a negative. ( negative, positive= negative, positive, negative= negative.) Please correct me if I'm wrong. Multiply integers- my notes from class positive x positive= positive positive x negative= negative negative x negative= positive Divide integers- again my notes from class positive divided by a positive= positive negative divided by a negative= positive negative divided by a positive= negative Dividing integers are simple if the number has a different sign than the other it is always negative but if they have the same sign its always positive ex. -20/5=-4 ex. -20/-4=-5