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Q: Why is compass used to draw a circle?
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What is the name of the tool that is used to draw a circle?


A tool used to draw a circle?

A compass is a geometric tool used to draw circles.

What does a maths compass do?

the compass of math is used in making arcs and circles. with the use of a compass, a person can draw an axact circle where the points on the circle are equidistant from the center.

What tool can be used to draw a circle graph?

A Compass - Pie Chart

How can a compass be used to draw a perfect circle?

A Staedtler compass (a typical example of a drawing compass) has a lead fastened in one arm to draw the outline of a circle. A metal point fastened in the second arm is pressed lightly on the paper on which the compass then pivots.

What tool is used for drawing circles?

You use a compass to draw an accurate circle.

How do you draw a circle in assembly program?

You can draw a circle in assembly program by using a compass-like tool. Secure the tip of the compass and then rotate the compass tool so that it completes the circle.

What shape could you draw with a compass?

A circle

How do you draw a circle with a radius of3cm?

With a compass

How do you draw a diameter of circle?

Construct a circle with a compass and then draw a straight line through its centre

How do draw a circle with a compass?

To draw a circle with a compass, first set the distance between the point and the pencil of the compass using a ruler. This distance is the radius. Now, place the point on the paper where you want the center of the circle. Spin the compass around the point, lightly dragging the pencil on the paper, and you will have a circle.

Can a compass construct circles?

The only way a compass can be used to create a circle is if you draw round it, because a compass is actually a navigational instrument which shows direction. If you're out in the woods, for example, you use a compass to show you which direction you need to head in. A pair of compasses can be used to construct, or draw, a circle of any size, up to the maximum reach of the "arms".