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In the US and Canada, the white wire is universally the neutral.

The "hot" wire can be red or black, both are used. Maybe the manufacturer was able to get a good deal on red wire.

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Q: Why light fixture has red and white wire instead of white and black?
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Can you run power from a light fixture to another light fixture?

Yes. Connect Black to Black, White to White and bare ground wires together.

How do you replace an old light fixture with two sets of black white and ground wires with a new fixture that only has one set of black white and ground wires?

Connect black to black and white to white from the switch. Your old fixture may have had wiring for multiple bulbs so they could be switched separately.

Do you hook up white or black first when changing a light fixture?

As the power to the light fixture should be, and hopefully is off, it does not matter which you hook up first.

You want to install a new light fixture in your bathroom upon removing the old fixture down you discover there is no grounding wire only a black and white wire and GFCI outlet on the circuit?

Just install the new fixture with black to black, white to white, and cap off the ground wire on the new fixture. It'll be fine.

When wiring a light fixture does black go black and white on white?

If these are all the wires you have then this would be a great assumption. It assumes also that everything before the fixture is wired correctly and with commonly used color schemes.

How do you wire your new fixture if your old light fixture has a black wire connected to a red wire and a red wire connected to a white wire?

If it is a simple light fixture it does not meter - the light-bulb is a simple element of a chain that can be connected both ways.

What happens when you connect black and black wires together when white and white are already together and not being used?

This sounds like a typical light switch connection that turns on an overhead light fixture. There are two pairs of wires in from the supply voltage and two pairs of wires out to the light fixture. The two white wires are connected together in the back of the box. These are the neutrals from the supply to the light fixture. The two black wires are the ones that get attached to the switch. Incoming "hot" to the top terminal of the switch and the outgoing black to the bottom terminal of the switch. If you just touch the two wires together as you explain in your question then the light fixture should come on.

How do you wire a two wire fixture to a four wire outlet?

Wiring a 2 wire fixture to 4 wire outlet depends on configuration of wires in outlet box. If you have 2 white and 2 black I will assume there are more lights controlled by the same switch. 1st scenario attach both black wires to black of 120 volt fixture. Attach both white wires to white wire from fixture. atach ground to box or ground wire. 2nd scenario attach white neutral to white from fixture, Attach black hot to white going to switch. Attach black from switch to black from light Fixture. If you need further help I recommend hiring a contractor. Take a look into

When connecting a ceiling fan in an old home and the existing light is wired black to white and white to black what should you do?

At that point, you should verify the home wiring; make certain that the black wire IS, in fact, the "hot" wire and that the white wire IS in fact the neutral. If the house is wired properly, connect the new fixture with "black to black and white to white." If you aren't certain that the house wiring was done properly, contact a local electrician to perform the work for you. Connecting a light fixture improperly can be dangerous to you and to anyone who subsequently changes a bulb or otherwise comes in contact with the fixture.

My light fixture has writing on one wire but not the other?

If both wires are black then the one with the writing is the neutral wire. If the two wires are black and white then the white one is the neutral.

Outside porch lamp has no box just two wires coming in black wires are tied and don't connect to fixture just the white wires what is going on here?

You would have to provide more info to be certain what your problem is. Typically a black and white wire would connect to the two wires on the light fixture. The fixture should also be controlled by a switch that "breaks" the black (Hot Wire) to turn off the fixture. If you have a volt meter you can see if there is 120Volts between the black and white wires with switch on. If there is a single white wire going to fixture (Neutral), where is the "black wires tied" to. Maybe one of the black wires has broken off the fixture.

New light fixture has 2 black wires and 2 white wires?

if fixture has two bulbs then two blacks are hot wires. Two whites are neutral wires.

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