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Because of the way the brain works, some people are good at both, and some are good at one but not the other

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Q: Why students who are good in math are not good in English?
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Is it true that students who are good in math achieved poorly in English?


In a survey of 43 college students it was found that 16 were taking an English class 17 were taking a math class and 10 were taking both English and math How many students were taking a math class?


100 students at a University it was found that59 students are taking a Math course 51 students are taking an English course 35 students are taking a History course 24 are taking Math and English cours?

students are taking more than one class

What is a good math question to ask students?

google for silly math

Students are assessed in subjects on the Aspire test?


What academic subjects are right brained students good at?

The whole left brain right brain is nothing but a myth. There are left brained students who are good at math, but also left brained students who are terrible at math. Same goes for right brained students, some are good at math and some aren't. It's just a matter of the type of mindset you have.

Do you have to have math at a community college to graduate?

There are some programs (majors) that do not require math. However, all first time entering students must show competency in basic skills English and math. Students take the college basic skills test in English and math. If that test indicates a student needs to take some refresher courses in either English, math, or both, they will be required to do so. In terms of math, a student must show competency up to a least a high school algebra I, even if their major does not require math.

What is the combined SAT score of math and English of students at Cornell University?

Cornell is a great school with a great academic reputation. You can check the exact score of SAT of math and English of students at Cornell University from the Cornell page on

What college degrees are suitable for students who are good at math but bad at essays?


Do you need four years of math for the Citadel?

Yes, high school students should have four years of English and Math if they want to attend The Citadel.

Why do students like math?

Other people have different opinions on whether they like math or not. Maybe they like it because they are good at working on equations and fractions. Remember, everyone is different! I do not enjoy math but you might have a different opinion on it! :)

What are the four main classes the teach students in school?

It would be Math, English, Science and World history