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The fractions could add up to a whole number.

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Q: Why the result of addition of two mixed number is not always a mixed number?
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Can a mixed number have a whole number and a fraction with the numerator greater than the denominator?

Sure, you can write it that way. But for the final result, you should always convert it to a mixed number in standard form, or to an improper fraction.

if you have a mixed number and it's big is it always one?

how can you divide a mixed number

Is a mixed number always greater than a whole number?


Is the sum of two mixed numbers always going to be a mixed number?


Is there any exemptions of mixed number being rational number?

The answer depends on what you mean by a mixed number. A mixed fraction, for example, is always a rational number - without exception.

which mixed number show the result of 671 divided by 83?


How do you write an improper fraction as a reduced mixed number?

You have to divide the top and the bottom numbers in the fraction ( numerator, denominator ), and you will always get a mixed number, or a mixed number in lowest terms.

What is the lowest mixed number?

There is no lowest mixed number since, given any mixed number, it is always possible to find a lower one.

when adding mixed numbers,is it always necessary to write the sum as a mixed number Explain?

what is 2+@

Is a mixed number always greater than a whole number explain?

No.The mixed number 21/2, for example, is greater than the whole number 2, but smaller than the whole number 3.In fact, given any mixed number (which does have a fractional part), it is always possible to find a pair of consecutive whole numbers such that the mixed number is between them.

What is 1.26 written as a fraction or mixed number?

When 1.26 is written as a fraction, the result is 63/50. Written as a mixed fraction, the result is 1 13/50.

How do you change 50 over 7 to a mixed number?

Divide the numerator (top number = 50) by the denominator (bottom number = 7) to get a result and remainder; the result is the whole number (of the mixed number) and put the remainder as the numerator over the denominator (to get the fraction of the mixed number):50 ÷ 7 = 7 r 1⇒ 50/7 = 71/7

How can you change 54divide by 303 to mixed number?


Is the sum of two mixed numbers always a mixed number?

No. 13/4 plus 61/4 = 8

What happens when you devide an odd number by 2?

You get a mixed number in which the fraction is always 1/2 .

What mixed number shows the result of 671 divided by 83?

8 and 7/83

Is this question true or false a proper fraction never has the same value as a mixed number?

TRUE. A proper fraction is always less than 1 and a mixed number is always greater than 1

When dividend fractions it is hopeful to change a mixed number?

It is not clear why a dividend which is a fraction should result in a mixed number of any kind. In any case, being hopeful will not help you to get an answer.

Is mix number always greater than a whole number?

no. lets use 10,000,000,000,000, which is a whole number, and 1 1/2, which is a mixed number. all a mixed number is is a mix of fractions and whole numbers,

Is the product of two mixed number always greater than 1?

The product of two mixed numbers is always greater than one (assuming that both of the mixed numbers themselves are greater than one.)

Why is a mixed number always equal to an improper fraction?

because a mixed number is a number inbetween two whole numbers, such as 1 1/2 is also 1.5 or 3/2

What is the number containing a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed number

Can ninety over two be simplified as a mixed number?

Not really...simplified it becomes: 90/2 = 45x2/2 = 45 Which is a whole number with no fraction, and hence not strictly "mixed". However if a question asks for a result to be "simplified to a mixed number" then it is saying do not leave any improper fraction as such but convert them to a mixed number or just a whole number if there is no fractional bit (as in this case).

Is a mixed number divided by a mixed number always a mixed number?

No. The divisor may be an integral multiple of the dividend. For example, 3 1/2 divided by 1 3/4 equals 2. (7/2 divided by 7/4)

What consists of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed numberThis is called a mixed number or mixed fraction.