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Leaving aside the question of whether the liquid will mix with whatever it is meant to float (or not) upon, the answer depends on what substance it is required to float upon. If Mercury, yes, it will float (if it does not mix). Pure water, it certainly will not (but could mix).

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Q: Will a 25 ml liquid weighing 25.25 g poured into a container float?
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If gasoline is poured carefully into liquid water will it sink or float explain?

Float. Gasoline is less dense than water.

Will an object weighing 85 grams sink or float?

It is not just the weight matter in floatation or sinking.The shape,surface area or the base liquid that matters.For eg. a very flat sheat of iron weighing 85gm will float in water but a bead(ball )of iron weighing 85gm will sink.On the other hand an iron bead of 85gm will float in mercury.

What causes different liquids to form layers when they are poured into a container?

what causes different liquids to form layers is the density of each liquid. Liquids that are more dense than other liquids will sink to the bottom. Liquids that are less dense will float to the top.

If you could place a piece of solid silver into a container of liquid silver would it float or sink and WHY?


What happens when oil is poured into water?

It will float.

What would happen if you have 2 liquids with different densities in the same container?

the less dense liquid will float to the top and the more dense liquid will drift to the bottom

If gasoline is poured into liquid water will in float or sink?

Gasoline will float because it has a lighter density than water. Water has a density of 1.0 g/cm3 and gas has a density of about 0.7 g/cm3

Can gold float on liquid mercury?

Gold is a higher density than mercury so it will sink if placed into a container of mercury.

If gasoline is poured carefully into water will it sink or float?

Gasoline is noticeably less dense than water so if poured carefully into water, it will float on the top of the water.

How would you know if a liquid was denser than water?

because when you add it to water, it will go to the bottom of the container and the water will float above it

Will a boat float on liquid soap?

Yes the boat will float on liquid soap

Can we use float cullet in container glass?

Cullets doesn't float on water.

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