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Q: Will a negative number to the fifth power be a positive or a negative value?
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Related questions

Will a negative number to the fifth power be a positive or negative value?

The result will be a negative value.

Will a negative number to the fifth power be a positive or a negative value explain?

Negative, because 5 is an odd number

A negative number raised to an even power will be positive or negative?


Why is any number raised to a even power positive?

A positive number times a positive number is always positive. A negative number times a negative number is always positive. Therefore, any square number will be positive. Any number to the fourth power (a square times a square) will always be positive. And so on.

What is negative 3 to the 2nd power?

9. Any negative number squared is positive.

Is 8.5 greater than negative 10 to the power of 3?

Please consider the following two facts: A negative number to an even power is positive; but a negative number to an odd power is negative. Any positive number is greater than any negative number.

What is the result of a negative number raised to the 54th power?

When a negative number is raised to an even power the result is a positive number

Is 10 to the negative 4th power a positive number?

Yes. Any positive number to an exponent is positive.

Is the number positive if the power is negative?

It does not work that way. A negative power is simply the reciprocal. So that x-a = 1/xa The reciprocal is negative or positive according to whether the number itself is negative or positive. [And, if the number is 0, the reciprocal is not defined.]

Is 5 to the negative 2 power a positive or negative number?

it is positive =1/25

How do you solve a number to a negative power?

A number to a negative power is equal to One divided by number to its positive power. So, x^-2 is equal to 1/x2.

If the exponent on a negative number is 0 is the number positive or negative?

Any positive number to the 0th power is one. ex. (51^0 = 1) Any negative number to the 0th power is negative one. ex. (-23^0 = -1) The exception is 0. 0^0 = 0

When using quotient fractions to a negative power do you flip the base number?

A negative power gives you the reciprocal of the positive power so yes you flip your number.

Is a negative to a negative power positive?

No, or more accurately "not necessarily".A negative to any even power is positive. -2, -4, -6 etc. are even, so a negative number raised to any of those powers will be positive.However, a negative number raised to an odd negative power (-1, -3, -5 etc.) will be negative.

Why is -2 squared - 4?


Is it true if a negative number is raised to the 18th power the answer will be negative?

No. Negative numbers to even powers are positive.

When a negative number is raised to an even power the result is a positive number?


What is a rule for raising a negative number to a power?

It is the positive form of the number raised to that power, multpilied by -1 raised to that power.

Log -3 equals?

There is no answer - it is an error: negative numbers do not have logarithms. The log if a number tells to what power the (positive) base must be raised to get the number. Raising any positive number to any power will never result in a negative number, so it is an error to try and take the log of a negative number.

Four to the negative fifth power?

1024 * * * * * That is 4 to the fifth power. The question asked about the NEGATIVE fifth power. For the question that was asked, the answer is 1/1024

Why doesnt the function y ex ever cross the x-axis?

no number can be raised to a power and equal 0 (x^y can never = 0). e is positive (about 2.7) and any positive number can not be raised to a power and equal negative (positive number X positive number = positive number)

What is a negative number to the negative power?

It can be a negative or a positive number depending on the absolute value of the power.e.g.(-4) to the power of -2 gives (1/16) and(-4) to the power of -1 gives (-1/4)

What pattern do you discover when solving even-numbered exponents with negative bases?

Any number, positive or negative, raised to an even-numbered power, returns a positive number.

Is the third power of any nonzero number is negative?

Not if the original number is positive, otherwise yes.

Why does a calculator say that -6 to the power of 2 equals 36 when negative times negative equals a positive number?

Exactly! -6 to the power of 2 means "-6 times -6". That's a negative times a negative, and the answer is positive 36.