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A number to a negative power is equal to One divided by number to its positive power. So, x^-2 is equal to 1/x2.

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Q: How do you solve a number to a negative power?
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How do you solve a number to the negative power?

it's the same as 1 over the same number to a positive power. 2 to the power -3 = 1/ 2 cubed = 1/8

How do you solve a positive number with a negative exponent?

turn the positive number into its recipricol and the put the number of the negative number on the top

How do you solve negative nine to the second power plus seven?


How do you work out 2 to the power of minus 2?

For anything to the power of a negative, put the number as the denominator in 1/? and then solve (ex: 2 to the power of neg. 2 = 1/2 to the power of 2 = 1/4)

How do you solve 120 divided by negative 4?

When any number is divided by a negative number the result is negative. So, 120 / -4 = -30

If you add a negative and a negative it equals?

Adding a negative number to a negative number makes a larger negative. In order to solve this you add the numbers together as a positive then add a negative sign.

Is 8.5 greater than negative 10 to the power of 3?

Please consider the following two facts: A negative number to an even power is positive; but a negative number to an odd power is negative. Any positive number is greater than any negative number.

What is the result of a negative number raised to the 54th power?

When a negative number is raised to an even power the result is a positive number

How do you Raise negative one to the thrid power?

(-1)^3 = -1 Every negative number raised to the odd power is a negative number.

Will a negative number to the fifth power be a positive or a negative value?


Does a negative number raised to an odd power simplifies to a negative number?


How do you solve -4 -12?

- 4 - 12 = -16 You are subtracting from an already negative number making it more negative.