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Possibly; it could also be equal to.

5 ÷ 7/8 = 5 x 8/7

= 40/7

= 55/7

So if your comparison number (which you omitted to include) is:

  • less than 55/7, 5 ÷ 7/8 is "greater than"
  • greater than 55/7, 5 ÷ 7/8 is "less than"
  • 55/7, 5 ÷ 7/8 is "equal to" - neither of your options.
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Q: Will the quotient of 5 dividend by 7 over 8 be greater than or less than?
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What is the dividend in division?

The dividend is the first number in a dividing equation.Dividend ÷ Divisor = Quotient; the Remainder is any 'left over' value, if not evenly divisible.For example,54 divided by 9= 6.54 is the dividend, 9 is the Divisor, 6 is the Quotient, and the Remainder is 0.

What is 71 over 8 as a mixed number?

To find the mixed number you need to first divide to find the quotient and remainder. So 71 over 8 has a quotient of 8 and remainder 7. So the general way of writing a mixed number is dividend over divisor = quotient (remainder over divisor) dividend/divisor = quotient remainder/divisor) So 71 over 8 = 8 7/8.

What are the components of a division problem?

dividend / divisor = quotient Also, the remainder is whatever is left over.

What is the quotient if the divisor is 74 amd the dividend is 3562?


How do you divid a number quotient to a mixed number to its simplest form?

Divide the dividend until there is a remainder less than the divisor. The whole number quotient forms the whole number and the remainder over the divisor forms the fraction. Now simplify the fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by any common factors (that are greater than 1). The mixed number result is the whole number and the simplified fraction together.

Is 7 over 8 greater or less than 1 over 2?


Is 1 over 4 greater or less than 1 over 2?


Is 1 over 4 greater or less 0.21?

1/4 is greater.

Is 2 over 3 greater than or less than 3 over 5?


What is the word you use in long division?

Long division vocab.: the dividend is divided by the divisor. The remainder is what's left over after the problem is solved. The quotient is the answer! Hope that helps! :-)

Is 73 over 92 greater or less than 20 over 23?

less than

Is 3 over 8 greater or less than 3 over 4?

Less than.

Is 5 over 7 greater than or less than 7 over 14?

greater than

Is 7 over 8 is greater than or less than 3 over 4?

greater than

Is 24 over 40 greater or less than 8 over 15?

LESS by 24 over 5

Write as an algebraic expression The quotient of x and 8 is greater than 44?

X over 8 > 44

Is 7 over 9 greater than or less than 0.68?


Is 5 over six greater than or less than 1 over 6?

It is greater than 1 over 6

Is 12 over 36 greater less than or equal to 12 over 24?

Less than.

Is 5 over 12 greater than less than or equal to 2 over 6?

greater than

Is 0.38 less or greater then 3 over 10?

3 over 10 is 0.3 and 0.38 is greater than it.

Is 3 over 5 greater than less than or equal to 3 over 8?

greater than

What is quotient mean in math?

The "quotient" is the solution to a division problem. For example: in the problem 147/7 = 21 147 is the dividend (or numerator,) 7 is the divisor (or denominator,) and 21 is the quotient. If there is anything left over after the division, that would be called the remainder. Note that the terms numerator and denominator are usually used in the context of fractions whereas dividend and divisor are used in the context of division. However, those contexts are equivalent, since fractions are really an expression of a division problem.

Is 3 over 10 greater or less then 0.38?

It is less. It equals 0.30.

How can I interpret the remainder?

When you divide one number by another, you will have a quotient which represents the number of times the divisor into the dividend and the remainder represents what proportion of the divisor is left over.