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Q: Write a porpotion that can be used to determine WZ using ratios between the two figures Then determine WC?
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What is an equation that two ratios are equivalent?

a porpotion is an equation stating thattwo ratios are equilvalent? true or false

How can you determine mathematically if two figures are similar?

If the two figures are the same shape. Also if the ratios of the lengths of the corresponding sides are equal.

what ratios can you use to determine whether the relationship is proportional?

look at the ratios and multiply

What is the relationship between edge length ratios area ratios and volume ratios of similar figures with various scale factors?

Area ratio = (edge-length ratio)2 Volume ratio = (edge-length ratio)3 Volume ratio = (area ratio)3/2

How do you work out a mathematical ratio?

Mathematical ratios are similar to fractions or decimals. It is the comparison between 2 different number of objects on either side to determine the equality between the two.

How can you tell if two figures are similar?

Two figures are similar if: - The measures of their corresponding angles are equal. - The ratios of the lengths of the corresponding sides are proportional.

How to find ratios?

ratios r comperisons between 2 numbers

How do the ratios of side lengths compare for similar triangles?

The definition of "similar" geometric figures requires that the ratios of all equivalent sides, between the two figures, are the same. For example, one side of one triangle divided by the equivalent side of the other triangle might result in a ratio of 3.5 - in this case, if the triangles are similar, you will get the same ratio if you compare other equivalent sides.

How to explain making equivalent ratios?

Equivalent ratios are ratios that represent different numbers but the relationship between the numbers is same.

What is the difference between equal ratios and equivalent ratios?

To write equal ratios multiply both terms by the same number or divided both terms. For example, 2/ 9 is a ratio equal ratio will be 4/18. There is no difference between equal ratios and equivalent ratios.

How do you determine land and building ratio?

land to building ratios for funeral homes

Is a ratio a comparison between two ratios?

A ratio is a comparison between two values. The values can be integers or fractions (ratios).