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The new switch is a 3 way switch which requires a common and 2 traveler's. The switch can be identified by no on off marks on toggle part on face of switch. Unless that third wire is a ground wire.

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Q: You have three wires on the new switch but only two on the old?
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How do you replace heater blower corsa D?

The heater switch can be replaced on a Chevrolet Corsica by removing the three wires from the back of the switch. Put the wires onto the new switch and return it to its slot.

How do you connect a new convenience outlet to a 3 way switch in different locations?

This can be tricky. You can only place a receptacle from the location of the box where the three way circuit is fed from. The wires from the three way to three way boxes only carry the "hot' traveller wires. There is no neutral carried from box to box even though there might be a white wire in the three wire group. So you have to locate where in the three way system the hot and neutral wires are located. From this location you can extend new black and white wires to your new receptacle outlet.

Is there a video how to wire a new light with an on-off switch using wires coming from an outlet?

There may be, but you don't need one for this. The outlet has two or three wires. Black and white or black, white and bare. Extend all the wires to the switch, break the black wire with the switch and continue all three to the light. Simplest wiring there is.

How do you switch the wiring from a regular light switch with three wires to a spring wound interval timer with only two wire spots?

If there are three current carrying conductors terminated on the switch you want to replace, then you can not use the new switch at this location. What it sounds like is the existing switch is part of a three way light switching circuit. Check online for images of "wiring of three way switching systems" and you will see what I mean.A regular light switch will only have two termination points on the switch. This type of switch could be a direct substitute for the interval timer switch, as both have only two terminal points.The only way that you could use the new switch in this circuit is to cut in a new junction box for the new switch adjacent to one of the existing light switch boxes. One end of the circuit would use the new switch for opening the incoming "hot" conductor or at the other end of the circuit, the new switch would open the conductor that goes to the light (load). If this method is used the existing switches will not be used for controlling the light and must be in a position so that the light will be always in the on position.If the three way switching is not needed then the existing switches can be removed and the wiring in the boxes can be rewired to accommodate the new switch and the other box would be blanked off.

Can you change a single pole switch to adouble pole switch for your winch.I got a new switch single pole switch but think i needs a double which should be 2 wires in and 2 wires out?

If you need to switch 2 poles then that's what you'll need. Just don't get your wires crossed

How do you wire a tri-light bulb table lamp with 3 wire rotary switch?

If the tri-light needs a new lamp holder try any reputable lighting house store. These types of retailers have all of the parts that you need to repair any lamp configurations. The new switch will have a rotary switch built into it just like the lamp had when it was new. There are only two wires to connect to it. Don't disconnect the old one until you have the new one and just put the wires on the same terminals as the they are wires on the old switch.

How do you remove ignition switch 1966 Chevy truck?

As you look at the switch there should be a ring with three notches or groves, this is the nut that holds the switch in. If you are careful, you can use a regular screwdriver in one of the groves and tap it with a hammer to break the nut loose. You should then be able to remove the nut by hand and push the switch through the dash. Reach under the dash and pull the switch down so you can see the wires on the back. I am not 100% sure if it is a single plug or if there are several wires (although I believe it will be several separate wires). If you are putting in a new switch, make sure you have the new, and correct switch for the next step, remove the wires one at a time and reinstall them on the new switch. Once you are done with this, just put the switch back in and you're done. Hayden

How do you replace pressure switch on jacuzzi spa?

To replace the pressure switch on a Jacuzzi spa you need to disconnect the wires from the thermostat to the pressure switch. Remove the pressure switch, replace with new one, and reattach the thermostat wires.

How do you wire a new light with an on-off switch using wires coming from another light?

If you have unswitched supply from a light you need to route the supply through the new switch to the new light. You want to switch the black wire and just connect the white wires together with a wirenut and connect the bare ground wires together by a separate wirenut.

Looking to find out how to change a heater switch harness for a 98 Chevy Tahoe?

The blowerfan switch is removeable from the climatcontrol pannel mine was black you don't have to replace the whole pannel my problem was finding the conecter or plugin mine was burnt I heated the old one with a torch and removed the wires with the clipends still on the wires and slid the wires on the pins in the new switch it was a seven wire connection with only six wires

How do you install a drivers side power window switch on a 2000 olds silhouette?

it is actually quite simple. pop out the switch, unplug the wires that plug into the bottom side of the switch and then plug the wires into the new one and pop the switch right back in.

How do you replace the turn signal switch on a 1985 Cutlass Supreme?

Remove steering wheel (with wheel puller), remove lockplate (with lockplate remover), remove 3 screws that hold turn signal switch, unplug switch at bottom of column, fish out the wires, install new switch, fish in new wires.

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