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A number and its opposite,which add to zero.

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Q: Zero pair,ย 
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What is the definition of zero pairs?

a pair of number whose sum is zero For Example: -2 and +2 is a zero pair -2 and +3 is not a zero pair xD Hope this will help ur education....xD

What are zero pairs?

A zero pair is an ordered pair of (0,0) located absolutely on the origin of a coordinate graph.

What is zero pair?

Zero pair is when you have two integers such as 2,-2 when you add them together they will equal zero. Another example is 50+(-50)=0 =)

How do you identify the ordered pair of an x intercept?

The x-intercept is where x is equal to zero, so look for a pair where x is zero, such as [0,7].

What is the Sum when number is add to opposite?

zero pair

In cricket what is a pair?

A pair is scoring zero in both innings of a two innings game.

What is zero pairs?

A zero pair is when one pairs a positive counter and a negative counter.

Can zero be an ordered pair?

Yes, it can, it can be 0,0

What are the set of numbers and their opposites?

A zero pair

What is the net force when a pair of balanced forces acts on an object?

It is zero.It is always ZERO.=)

When a pair of balanced forces acts on an object the ne force that result is?

If the net force is zero, then the forces are balanced. If the net force is not zero, then the forces are not balanced. You can have a balanced pair of forces, but not a pair of balanced forces.

How many pair of parallel lines does a triangie?


What is the hybridization of pcl2f3?

Sp3d 5 sigma zero lone pair

How many lone pairs are there in the S atom in SO2Cl2?

There are zero pair

Why is zero in camp green lake?

He is at camp green lake for stealing a pair of sneakers. Not the Clyde Livingstone ones but a different pair

Can a pair of vectors with unequal magnitudes ever add to zero?


When a positive number is paired with a negative number?

Zero Pair

How many lone pair electron are in CS2?

Zero! fulfills octet rule =)

What are the characteristics for zero pairs?

the charateristics of zero pairs is that you have to always end to 0 ,if not then it is not a zero pair .you could use counter chips to help you understand it better

If the momentum of a pair of objects is equal to zero must the kinetic energy of those objects also be zero?

No. If the momentum of a pair of objects is zero sitll they can have kinetic energy.For example, in the case of bullet and gun, before firing the bullet the total momentum is zero and according to the law of conservation of momentum, the total momentum after firing the bullet will also be zero. But still they both will have kinetic energy.

What is the Definition of zero pair?

The definition for Zero Pair Is: a pair of number with a positive and negative sign whose sum is zero. (+,-) For example: +2 and -2 is a zero pair First You: add 2 to each side. so then you have: 3x-2+2=4+2 Next You: simplify by removing zero pairs. so you now have: 3x=6 Then you: divide each side into three equal groups. so now you have: 3x=6 _ _ 3 3 Finally: you cross out the three on top and the three on the bottom. Now your left with 3/6! Now you divide 3 and 6. Your answer will be: 2. Answer Is: x=2

What is a zero pair?

The correct term isA zero pair is when one pairs a positive counter and a negative counter.HOPE THAT HELPED!!!**Calypso214

What are the factor pairs of 0 and 1?

Since zero has infinitely many factors, it can be said that any pair of numbers (0,n) - where n is an integer - are a factor pair for zero.1 = 1 * 1

What will happen if you add a pair of opposites together?

adding one to minus one = zero.

What crime did zero commit in the book holes?

Zero is actually the one who stole Sweet Feet's shoes from the homeless shelter, thinking it would be better to steal a pair of old shoes rather than a pair of new ones, not knowing who they belonged to or why they were there.