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Is a parabola whose directrix is below its vertex.

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Q: A parabola that opens upward
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How does the value of a variable affect the direction the parabola opens?

If the value of the variable is negative then the parabola opens downwards and when the value of variable is positive the parabola opens upward.

If the parabola opens upward the vertex is called?

maximum point :)

If the parabola opens upward the vertex is called the?

maximum point :)

What way does the parabola open if a is greater than 0?

If a is greater than zero then the parabola opens upward.

When a parabola opens upward the y coordinate of the vertex is a what?

Opening up, the vertex is a minimum.

How do you know if a parabola has a minimum or maximum value?

When you look at the parabola if it opens downwards then the parabola has a maximum value (because it is the highest point on the graph) if it opens upward then the parabola has a minimum value (because it's the lowest possible point on the graph)

Why is any parabola that opens upward or downward a function?

It is a function because for every point on the horizontal axis, the parabola identified one and only one point in the vertical direction.

How do you know if a parabola opens up or down?

I think it's like this: x2+3x-5 So if the x2 part is a positive then it opens upward but if it's negative it goes downward.

if the parabola open upward a is?


Determine whether the parabola y equals -x2 plus 15x plus 8 opens up down left or right?

when you have y=+/-x2 +whatever, the parabola opens up y=-(x2 +whatever), the parabola opens down x=+/-y2 +whatever, the parabola opens right x=-(y2 +whatever), the parabola opens left so, your answer is up

What is the equation of a parabola with a vertex at 0 0 and a focus at 0 6?

The standard equation for a Parabola with is vertex at the origin (0,0) is, x2 = 4cy if the parabola opens vertically upwards/downwards, or y2 = 4cx when the parabola opens sideways. As the focus is at (0,6) then the focus is vertically above the vertex and we have an upward opening parabola. Note that c is the distance from the vertex to the focus and in this case has a value of 6 (a positive number). The equation is thus, x2 = 4*6y = 24y

What is maximum or minimum of a parabola depending on whether the parabola opens up or down?


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