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Archimedes estimated the correct value of pi

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Q: Hellenistic scientist who estimated the value of pi?
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What is pi hat in statistics?

Consider a distribution with an unknown parameter pi. If the true value of pi is not known but has been estimated, then the estimated value is usually denoted by pi-hat. This is to distinguish between a known parameter and an estimated one.

What value of pi did the Egyptians obtain?

At around 1900 B.C., Egyptians estimated the value of pi to be 256 / 81 .

What value of pi did the Egyptians obtain during 2000 BC?

At around 1900 B.C., Egyptians estimated the value of pi to be 256/81.

What scientist arrived at a fairly accurate calculation of the value of pi?


What is the history of pi?

pi has been around for as long as we have had written records.Its approximate estimated value of Pi up to 5 decimal places is 3.14159 .Archimedes was the first person to estimate the correct value of pi

Who was the first to give pi an estimated value of 3.1416?

p c ray

Who estimated the value of pi and invented the compound pulley?

Archimedes accurately estimated the value of pi. He was also the Greek inventor that created the compound pulley and first device used for extracting water from below the surface of the earth as well.

Which scientist evualuted the pi value?

Lots of scientists have worked on evaluating pi. The question needs to be a little ,ore specific.

Which first Indian mathematician calculated the value of pi?

The value of pie calculated by first Indian scientist Baudhayana

What scientist calculated the value of pi?

Lots of people did this; the accuracy increased over time.

What is the impact of Hellenistic culture on modern society?

From Hellenistic culture we get theories on astronomy, mathematics, and physics. Aristarchus's theories include, that the sun was 300 times larger than the earth, but he grossly underestimated it, and the earth and other planets revolve around the sun. Eratosthenes estimated earths circumference to be 28,000-29,000 miles long, close to the actual circumference. From Hellenistic culture we get the Pythagorean theorem and pi (the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter) Archimedes (who also estimated pi) discovered the law of the lever. He invented a screw that lifts water from the ground and the pulley.

What is the first mathematician to come close to calculating pi?

Archimedes was the first Western mathematician to make a serious attempt at calculating the value of pi. His estimated, that pi was between 3.1408 and 3.1429.