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You multiply the percent ( so 40% = .4) by the number then add the product to the original number.

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Q: How do you find the new price of a percent increase?
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How do you find sales price when given percent of increase?

if p is the percent increase, multiply the old price by (1+p) to get the new increased price.

How do you find the new price of an item if you know the original price and the percent of increase?

Convert the percent of increase into a decimal, multiply that by the original price and take that answer, and add it on to the original price. BAM. new price:)

What is the percent of increase if the old price is 0.16 and new price is 0.22?

0.22 is 137.5% of 0.16.The increase is 37.5% .

What is the percent of change as an increase or a decrease if the original price is 650 and the new price is 806?

650 to 806 is an increase of 24%

When the price of chain increased from 16.4 cents to 20.5 cents what was the percent increase?

(new price-old price)/old price=%changed. (20.5-16.4)/16.4=4.1/16.4=25% increase.

If The price of a sweater was reduced by 50 percent to sell the sweater at the original price by what percentage must the new price be?

Increase the price of the sweater by 100% of it's sale price.

Find the percent of increase when the original amount is 20 and the new amount is 30 round to the nearest percent if necessary?

20 to 30 is a 50% increase.

The price of gum rises from 5 cents to 15 cents what is the percent increase?

200 % increase. here's how it works out: old price; 5 c, new price 15 c, so increase in price 10 c, and so 5 inc in price = [inc in price / old price] x 100

How do you solve percent increase on a price?

If you have an item that is $10.00 and its increased to $15.00 the price increase is 50%. There's a few ways to determine the answer but what I find the easiest is: New price $15.00 Old Price $10.00 Subtract Difference $5.00 Divide $5/$10 = 0.5 Move decimal over 2 places from left to right and place a percent sign 0.5 50% I hope this helps.

What much is a 2.5 percent increase for salary?

To find the amount of the increase, multiply the salary by 0.025. To find the new salary, multiply the salary by 1.025

How do you find 20 percent off of something?

To find the amount that's taken off, multiply the full price by 0.2 . To find the new, reduced price, multiply the full price by 0.8 .

How do you find the percent of discount?

first you divide the new price by the original price then you subtract that answer from 1 or 1.00 then you take the difference and multiply it by 100 and put the percent sign in place

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