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Call it a baseless hunch, but I can't shake the feeling that wherever you copied

this question from, there must be some kind of a sketch or a drawing near it. The

way I see it, there's no way I can even start answering the question without

seeing the drawing. In fact, I think that must be why it was printed there, so

close to the question.

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Q: How do you find the surface area of the space figure represented by the net?
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How do you find the surface area of a space figure?

The surface area of a space figure is the total area of all the faces of the figure

What is the surface space within a two-dimnsional closed figure?

Its area.

How does the surface area differ from area?

The diff is that SA (SURFACE AREA) is the area of the entire figure like a cube you would find the whole area of the firgure not the face. Area is the amount of space an object takes like a field to find out how much space it takes. :)

How do you determine the volume of surface area of three dimensional space figure?

First, find the area of each 2-D face of the figure, then add those up.

How is the surface area different from area?

Surface area is all the areas for a 3 figure. Area is for only on side of a 3d figure

What is the area of the figure?

The area of the figure is the amount of space enclosed by its perimeter.

What is the formula for surface area and volume?

That depends on the figure whose surface area and volume you're finding. You could try a Google search for "volume of [figure name]" or "surface area of [figure name]".

To find the surface area of a three dimensional figure what do you have to find?

You need to find the area of each two dimensional surface on the figure. Do you have a specific figure in mind?

Are surface area and area different?

Surface area concerns a 3-dimensional figure such as a cube or sphere. Area concerns a 2-dimensional figure such as a square or circle.

Is surface area the interior of a figure?

its the overall space the object takes up....So technically yes its the inside....To find it on a box its Length x Width x Height +++ That gives the volume, not surface area.

What is the surface area of a dodecehedron?

you need measurements to figure out surface area. the simplest way to figure out the whole area of a dodecahedron is to find the surface area of one pentagon, then multiply by 12 (the number of sides of a dodecahedron)

What is the name of sum of the areas of all faces of a solid figure?

The "Surface Area" of the solid figure. Note, the word "total" in the answer above is not correct/needed - there can not be anything less than a surface area of a solid figure.