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first you answer the exponet part. then after you get your exponet answer you multiply it with the other number. and that's how you multiply exponent's

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Q: How do you multiply exponets?
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When you multiply with exponets what do you do with the exponets?

What you do with them is this i am going to give you an example: if you had 2 with the exponet 4 this is what you do: 2x2x2x2 and that would equal 8

Meaning of all letters in pedmas?

pedmas mean parentheses exponets divide multiply add subtraction

What is 10 -7 in exponets?

10 -7 in exponets = 3

What is the order of mathematical operations?

parentheses,exponets,multiply,divide,add,subtract perenthesis,exponents,division,multiplication,addition, subtraction

How do you solve 4x squared times 6x squared?

multiply the base number and add the two exponets together

What is the prime factorization of 56 using exponets?

56 prime factorization 2*2*2*7 exponents: 23*7 * = multiply

When you multiply an exponet what do you do with their exponets?

Add them, eg a2 x a3 = a5. Try with a = 3: 9 x 27 = 243 = 35

How do you divide exponets?

You divide exponents by simply subtracting the exponents. You multiply exponents by adding them together. You can test your answers by doing long math.

What are the steps in solving exponential equations?

multiply= you add the exponets together and keep the same base divide= you subtract the exponet and keep the base the same

What are the exponets of 15?


How do you do exponets?

Using exponets is easy. Like 23. This is 2 cubed. 23 equals 2.2.2. It is not 2x3. 2x2x2=8. Get it?

How do you multiply to the power two thirds?

for example 2 to the power of two thirds, you have to find the percent of two thirds , then use the percent [to the power] then mutipy to the power [like with exponets] then you should get your answer.

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