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its not much different besides the fact it has a '<' or a '>' insted of a '='. and you have to add/subtract/etc. a little diffrent.

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Q: How solving inequalities and solving equation are different?
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How are the rules for solving inequalities similar to those for solving equations?

Solving inequalities and equations are the same because both have variables in the equation.

What are the steps to solving equations and inequalities?

Just keep doing the same thing to both sides of the equation at every step.

What property of inequality would you use to solve the equation 14x equals 35?

None. Properties of inequalities are not that relevant when solving equalities.

How is solving an equation that includes cubes similar to solving an equation that includes squares and how is it different?

Ask someone eles.

Why do you clear decimals when solving linear equations and inequalities and example?

Even if you keep the decimal, later on you will still have to remove it. It is just an easier way to solve the equation.

How do you solve imaginary equations?

The answer depends on the nature of the equation. Just as there are different ways of solving a linear equation with a real solution and a quadratic equation with real solutions, and other kinds of equations, there are different methods for solving different kinds of imaginary equations.

What are the different steps in solvingradical equation?

The first step is produce the radical equation that needs solving.

You know that equations and inequalities have different solution symbols, therefore, how many solutions will each one of them have when solving for the variable?


Do you do pemdas while solving inequalities?

Yes, you must.

How do you check your answer to an equation?

When you are solving an equation usually you are solving for x. If you want to check your answer just plug the values you got back in to the original function. Or you can use a different method to solve the equation and see if you get the same answer.

Are the methods for solving linear and compound inequalities the same?


How is solving an inequality different from solving an equation?

In solving an inequality you generally use the same methods as for solving an equation. The main difference is that when you multiply or divide each side by a negative, you have to switch the direction of the inequality sign. The solution to an equation is often a single value, but the solution to an inequality is usually an infinite set of numbers, such as x&gt;3.