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Yes because A > B, B > C, so A has to be > C.





A (5) > B (3)

B (3) > C (1)

A (5) > C (1)

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Q: If a is greater than b and b is greater than c is a greater than c?
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If a is less than b and b is less than c what is greater than c?

a < b < c So, neither a nor b is greater than c.

If A is less than B is false and B is less than C false then A is less than C is?

False. A is greater than C. ******************** I'm not in calculus but if A isn't less than B, then that means its either greater than or equal to it. and if B isn't less than C then its greater or equal to. so that means that A is either greater than or equal to C. so that means that A than C.

A is less than b and b is less than c is a greater than c?

NO it is not because if a<b<c it could also be said without the b as a<c.

On horseisle quiz if a is less than b and b is less than c is a greater than c?

Absolutely not

Why is a greater than b but less than c?

It is not possible to answer the question without any information on what a, b and c are.

What are the 2 inequalities?

A is greater than B (A>B). C is less than D (C<D). But what about "less than or equal"?

What does transitive mean in math terms?

Transitive Property (mathematics), property of a mathematical relation such that if the relation holds between a and b and between b and c, then it also exists between a and c. The equality relation, for example, is transitive because if a = b and b = c, then a = c. Other transitive relations include greater than (>), less than (<), greater than or equal to (?), and less than or equal to (?).

What is the pseudo code to accept three numbers and output the largest among them?

Algorithm: largest_of_three is: Input: numeric values a, b and c Output: largest value of a, b and c let max be a if b is greater than max then let max be b if c is greater than max then let max be c return max

How do you find greatest number among three with

Dim a, b, c As Integer a = InputBox("enter 1st no.") b = InputBox("enter 2nd no.") c = InputBox("enter 3rd no.") If a > b Then If a > c Then MsgBox("A is Greater") Else MsgBox("C is greater") End If Else If b > c Then MsgBox("B is Greater") Else MsgBox("C is Greater") End If End If End Sub

Number a is 4676. number b is 10043 greater than A. Number C is 2610 less than B. What is th total value of numbers aband c?

It is 31504.

When is the magnitude of the sum of vectors A+B greater than that of A-BWhen is the magnitude of A-B greater than that of A+B?


If a is greater than or less than b is it the same as a greater than or equal b?

No. B is either more or less than A therefore B isn't the same as A.

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