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The Area of a square can be written as it's side length^2, or
A = s^2

if the side length is doubled, then s' is 2s.

A' = (s')^2

A' = (2s)^2

A' = 4s^2 = 4*A

When the side length is doubled, the area increases by a factor of 4

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Q: If the length of a square is doubled how is the area affected?
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What happen to the area of a square if side is doubled?

Doubling the length of the sides of a square results in the area being quadrupled (four times the original area).

Will the area of a square be doubled if you doubled the side legth of the square?

No, it will be quadrupled.

What happens to the area of a rectangle if one side is doubled?

Area = length*width new Area = 2 * length * width Area is doubled

How does resistivity vary if length and area are doubled?

if length is doubled then resistivity increases&when area is doubled resistivity decreases.

What happens to the area of a square when the measurement of its side is doubled?

If a square has a side length of 4 centimetres, then its area is equal to 4 x 4 = 16cm2 (16 square centimetres).If a square has a side length of 8 centimetres, then its area is equal to 8 x 8 = 64cm2 (64 square centimetres).Therefore, by doubling the side length of a square, the squares area quadruples.

If the side of the square is doubled will the new area would be doubled?

the new area will be fourfold, not doubled. try it on squared paper and see how the shape increases from one square into four...

How does the surface area of a rectangular prism change when the length and width and height are doubled?

if length and width are doubled then the volume should mulitiply by 8

How does the area of a rectangle change when its dimensions are doubled?

the area should double also Answer 2 The area will quadruple. Imagine a square with sides 1 x 1. If you doubled the length of the sides you'd have a square of 2 x 2. You'd be able to get four 1 x 1 squares inside that.

How is the area of a triangle affected if the height is doubled but the length of the base remains the same?

The area is doubled. a,b - cathetus; c - hypotenuse; h - height; S - area. S = (a*b)/2 = (c*h)/2 obviously if k is the doubled height. and A is the new area. A = (c*k)/2 = (c*2h)/2 = c*h and A = S*2

What is the length of each side of a square if the area of the square is doubled?

A=L(squared) (for a square only) Lets say our original square is L=2 then area is A=4 so if we double the Area A=8 then l=? L=square root of 8 therefor what ever your area is the Length of each side is the square root of the Area (on the first problem) square root of 4 is 2 therefor L is 2 Makes sence?

What happens to the area of a parallelogram when the length of one dimension is doubled?

The area also doubles.

What is the relationship between the area of a square and the length of a side?

The area of a square is the square of its side length.

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