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15.45-15.48 apex!!

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Q: N the rectangle below the two quarter-circles are congruent Find the area of the shaded region?
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ABCD is a rectangle 15 cm by 8 cm BE 6 cm what is the area of the shaded region ABED?

This question needs additional information, To get the area of the shaded area get the difference between the total area and the un-shaded region.

What is the area of the shaded region inside the rectangle with a 38 square meter?

the area IS 38sq meters

How do you find the area of the shaded region in a rectangle?

You will need to divide the shaded area into smaller parts, such as triangles or rectangles, or find the length of sides of these polygons.

If one fifth of a region is not shaded what part is shaded?

If one fifth of a region is not shaded then 4 fifths of the region is shaded. Fifths means there are five parts.

What is the formula to find the area of the shaded and non shaded part in the rectangle?

It depends on what the shaded and non-shaded parts look like!

When graphing x greater than 5 should the region to the left of 5 be shaded or should the region above the line y --6 be shaded?

Neither. The region to the right of 5 should be shaded. (The shaded region being the solution region.)

What is the percent shaded of a rectangle split in four parts and three of the four parts are shaded?

75% shaded; 25% unshaded

Area of a shaded region?

Find the area of the shaded region means find the area of the area that is shaded in or darkened.

Draw a rectangle shade seven eighths of it what percent of the rectangle is not shaded?


If four sevenths and one fourth of a rectangle was shaded in what would be the fraction for the non shaded?

The unshaded region is 5/28ths of the rectangle.Shaded is 4/7 + 1/4 = 16/28 + 7/28 = 23/28

If 5.7 of a region is shaded what part is not shaded?

5.7 is not color

How to find area of a shaded area of a shaded region in a circle?

The area of the shaded region can be gotten by multiplying the area of the circle by the subtended angle of the sector.