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An octagon is an eight-sided figure. If a regular octagon has a perimeter of 24 inches, then each side will be 24 / 8 = 3 inches.

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Q: The total length of the sides of a regular octagon is 24 inches?
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A regular octagon is 32 inches. what is the length of one side of the octagon?

Assuming that the perimeter of the regular octagon is 32 inches, and since it has 8 sides, then the length of one side of the figure is 32/8 or 4 inches.

If one side of a regular octagon is 14 inches long what is the perimeter of the entire octagon?

112 inches, that is if all the sides are the same length .I think.

What is the perimeter of a regular octagon with a side length of 9 inches?

8 sides each 9 inches: 6 feet

What are the properties of a regular octagon?

A regular octagon has 8 sides similarly to an octagon. The name regular octagon means that all angles are the same, therefore inferring that all sides are of equal length.

How does a not regular octagon look like?

An octagon has eight sides. A regular octagon is one that has eight sides of equal length, and all the angles are of the same measure. Anything else - sides that are not all the same length, or not all angles the same - would be a non-regular octagon.

Are any of a octagons sides equal in length?

They can be. A regular octagon has all sides of equal length.

What is a octagon that is not regular?

An irregular octagon has eight sides, but they aren't all of equal length

A regular octagon with sides 5 inches?

Yes, it can exist.

What is the perimeter of a regular octagon with side length 3 half inches?

A regular octagon has 8 sides so if each side is 3 1/2 inches long then the perimeter is just 8*(3 1/2 inches) or 28 inches

What are equals in an octagon?

Octagon just means it has 8 sides. Regular octagon means it has 8 sides of the same length and the angles are equal.

What is an octagon that is not irregular?

An octagon that is not irregular is a regular octagon, one in which each of the eight sides os the same length

Is an octagon regular or irregular?

An octagon can be either regular or irregular. A regular octagon in a 2-dimensional closed figure with eight sides, all of which are the same length. This means that all the angles are the same, too. An irregular octagon is a 2-dimensional closed figure with eight sides, but at least two of the sides are of different length. All sides can be of different lengths.

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