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x + y = 1

x + y = 2

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Q: What 2 simultaneous equations that cannot be solved?
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Y plus 4 equals 4x-2?

That equation cannot be solved since there are 2 unknown in the equation (x and y) but only 1 equation. The number of unknowns must be equal to the number of equations (for simultaneous equations)

What is simultaneous equation?

Simultaneous equation is nothing: it cannot exist.A system of simultaneous equations is a set of 2 or more equations with a number of variables. A solution to the system is a set of values for the variables such that when the variables are replaced by these values, each one of the equations is true.The equations may be linear or of any mathematical form. There may by none, one or more - including infinitely many - solutions to a system of simultaneous equations.

How do you solve 7x-5y equals 20?

This cannot be solved for numerical answers. There must be 2 equations if there are 2 variables.

What is 20 minus a divided by 3 equals b divided by 2?

This cannot be solved. If you have 2 unknowns (a,b) then you must have 2 equations.

What are simultaneous equation in maths?

Simultaneous equations are where you have multiple equations, often coupled with multiple variables. An example would be x+y=2, x-y=2. To solve for x and y, both equations would have to be used simultaneously.

What is the solution for y equals -5x -5x y equals -10?

This cannot be solved. It needs 2 equations to solve for 2 unknowns.

What are the two methods in solving 2 unknowns?

By substitution or elimination in simultaneous equations.

How do you find equation when 2 equations and 1 coordinate is given?

By solving the simultaneous equations the values of x and y should be equal to the given coordinate

What do you call the graphs that intersect at exactly one point which gives solution of the system?

They are straight line graphs that work out the solutions of 2 equations or simultaneous equations

What is the system of equations?

A system of equations is a set of equations with more than one variable dealing with the same material. If there are 2 variables, then the system must have 2 equations before it can be solved. 3 variables need 3 equations, etc.

What is the place where 2 curves meet?

The points of intersection. The coordinates of such points will be the solutions to the simultaneous equations representing the curves.

What are the common characteristic between simultaneous linear equations in 2 unknowns which have no solutions?

The coefficients and constant in one of the equations are a multiple of the corresponding coefficients and constant in the other equation.

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