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They are 79+80 = 159

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Q: What are the two consective integers that have the sum of 159?
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What are two consective integers whose sum is 63?

63/2 = 31.5 so the two are 31 and 32.

Find 3 consecutive odd integers whose sum is 159?

Divide the sum of the three consecutive odd integers by 3: 159/3 = 53. The smallest of these integers will be two less than 53 and the largest will be two more than 53, so the three consecutive odd integers will be 51, 53, and 55.

When the smaller of two consective integers added the three times the result is 43?

10 and 11 are them.

Two integers are ___ if their sum is zero?

Two integers are additive inverses if their sum is zero

The sum of two integers is an integer?

Yes the sum of two integers will always be an integer.

What is the least common multiple of two consective numbers that is greater than two hundred and a multiple of seven?

The LCM of consecutive integers is their product. Consecutive integers will not both be multiples of seven.

What are the two consecutive integers with a sum of 58?

There are no two consecutive integers that sum to 58. With two consecutive integers, one is even, the other is odd. The sum of an even number and an odd number is odd. 58 is even so cannot be the sum of two consecutive integers.

What two consective integers does the square root of 15 lie?

-4 and -3 is one possible answer. 3 and 4 is the other.

What are two positive integers that have a sum of -18 and a product of 88?

Two positive integers cannot have a sum which is negative!

The sum of two consecutive integers is -6943 what are the integers?

Two consecutive integers will be 0.5 more and 0.5 less than the quotient of their sum divided by 2. The given sum of the two consecutive integers divided by 2 is -3471.5, so the two consecutive integers are -3472 and -3471.

What are the integers if the sum of two integers is 15 and the product of two integers is 50?

5 & 10

What are consecutive integers with the sum of 116?

The sum of two consecutive integers will always be an odd number.