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You can do calculations using a pencil to write on paper!

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What is the area of a cirle with a radius of 5 in

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Q: What does paper and pencil relate to math?
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How do you write expressions?

with a pencil and paper

How do you solve problem in math paper 2?

Not possible to answer this since it's not possible to find out what the problem is - not everyone is familiar with "math paper 2". However if you wish to type the maths problem into the question bar, I'm sure someone will help you with it.

How do you rotate a triangle 90 degrees about a point?

Trace the triangle on tracing paper, flip the tracing paper so the drawn triangle is touching the paper and then put your pencil on the point (with the tracing paper underneath) that you need to rotate from. Then rotate the paper 90 degrees and draw over the triangle you drew on the tracing paper to stamp it down.

How does algebra help you in math?

Algebra is the backbone of Math. By setting variables in other types of math, like geometry and probability, algebra can be used to solve for sides, angle measures, prove many hypothesis, and much more. Algebra is used more for applications (If 4 pens and 1 pencil cost 6 dollars while 1 pen and 4 pencils cost 4 dollars, how much is the combined cost of one pen and one pencil?) rather than straight math (4a+b=6 and a+4b=4, the a+b=?) Algebra is a very important topic covered in math. I feel that algebra is the toughest topic in math, but with right teachers nothing is difficult.

When does a figure have rotation symmetry?

It means that if you copy the shape on a piece of wax paper and you put the wax paper on the normal paper to match it up, you put a sharp object such as a pencil or pen and you rotate the wax paper you will be able to match the wax paper shape up to the normal paper shape even if the wax paper has been spun.

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