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In the problem 12 divided by 4, 12 is the dividend and 4 is the divisor

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Q: What does the math term divisor look like in a problem with the math term dividend?
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What does long division look like for 4137?

dividend ÷ divisor = quotient The dividend is 4137, but there is no divisor in the question, so no quotient (answer) is possible. Also, it is difficult to show long division on Answer.

How does a dividend in a math problem look like?

____ That's how it looks. l 69

How do you get the square roots using algorithm?

An algorithm is process or set of rules for doing something If we are looking for square rots which are integers then an algorithm might look like this Put the number whose root is sought into a variable - the dividend. Put 2 into a variable - the divisor Begin a loop divide the dividend by the divisor put the result into a variable - the quotient if the quotient = the divisor then the quotient is the square root of the divident else, add 1 to the divisor next loop

When dividing decimals the divisor must always be a?

The divisor must always be a whole number. If it is not already, then you must multiply both the the divisor and dividend by ten until the divisor is no longer a decimal. For example, let's say you have to divide 1.0/0.5 . The divisor in this case would be 0.5 . To multiply by ten, simply move the decimal over to the right one space. That would leave you with 5.0, but since you have to do it on both sides, the final expression would look like this: 10/5 .

What are dividens?

General MathA dividend is the number that is divided by the divisor. The answer would be the quotient. In a mathematical sentence it would look like this: dividend divided by the divisorequals the quotient.InvestingA dividend is a payment made to the shareholders as a way to share company profits. It is generally only paid by the largest companies and is not guaranteed. If the company has no viable use for the cash from profits, paying a dividend is a way to increase shareholder loyalty. It is expressed as a percentage. The dividend is divided into the price of an individual share of common stock to arrive at the dividend percentage.In Mathematics. a dividend is a number that is to be divided by a divisor, resulting in a quotient.

What does the divisor symbol look like?

There's a dot at the top and a dot at the bottom and a dash through it

How do you know what power of 10 to multiply a divisor and dividend by when dividing by a decimal?

You do not need to, but if you must do the following: if the divisor has n digits after the decimal point then multiply by 10n.

What is 0.5 divided into 7?


What does 550m squared look like?

what does5 squared look like in a algebraic problem

Where can you find dividend calendars?

Look at Ex-Dividend Calendars. Or go directly to the company's website. is a good source of knowing when dividends are getting paid. It is impossible to have a planned dividend date until the quarter or the year ends.

What xd means?

In the context of share prices it stands for "ex-dividend". This means that the date on which the next dividend is based has passed and so, if you buy the shares now you will not get that dividend. Conversely, if you sell the shares now, you will still get the dividend.

Can a multiplication chart be used to find division facts?

Yes, it can. You would find the divisor in the left-most column and then follow that row over to the dividend. Once you find the dividend, you can trace that colummn up to find out the quotient. For example: In the problem 72 divided by 9 equals what, you would find the 9 in the left column and trace 9's row over to 72. Then you follow the column that you find the 72 in up to find the answer, which will be 8. You can also find the answer the other way. Look for the 9 in the top row and trace its column down to the 72. Once you've found the 72, trace its row to the left-most column to find the answer.