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It is 12w.

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2017-12-06 18:42:05
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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is (4w plus 2w)2?
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What is 4w plus 6k - 3w plus 2 - k?

given: 4w+(6k-3w)+(2-k)remove parentheses: 4w+6k-3w+2-kcollect like terms: 4w-3w+6k-k+2simplify: w+5k+2

What is 4w plus 8 plus 6w-4?

It is 10w + 4.

The length of a rectangular classroom floor is 19 feet less than twice the width Which expression represents the area of the classroom floor 3w - 19 2w2 - 19 2w2 - 19w 6w - 38?

2w2 - 19w

A farmer has 300 feet of fencing and wants to enclose a rectangular area of 3600 square feet What should the dimensions be?

Let's define some variables. We'll call the length L, and the width W. Then we can express the above algebraically:300 (perimeter) = 2L + 2W3600 (area) = L x WNow let's find one variable in terms of the other:300 = 2L + 2W300 - 2W = 2L(300 - 2W)/2 = LSince we now have the length in terms of width, we can substitute for L in the second equation:3600 = L x W3600 = [(300 - 2W)/2] x W3600 = (300W - 2W2)/27200 = 300W - 2W2---- That was part one of the solution. Now we have to reformat the equation and use the quadratic formula (for the formula and syntax, visit the Wikianswers link below):-2W2 + 300W - 7,200 = 0W = [-300+or-(3002 - 4(-2)(-7,200)1/2]/[2(-2)]W = [-300+or-(90,000 - 57,600)1/2]/-4W = [-300+or-(32,400)1/2]/-4W = (-300 + or - 180)/-4Quadratic equations usually have two answers, since they are parabolas and will most likely cross the x-axis twice.The first answer is:w = (-300 + (-180))/-4W = -480/-4W = 120(L = 30)Or the second answer:W = (-300 - (-180))/-4W = (-120)/-4W = 30(L = 120)Either way, the dimensions of the plot must be 120 ft by 30 ft

How would you describe a rectangle?

(w+5)(4w+2) - 270 = (4w)(w) 4w2 + 22w + 10 - 270 = 4w2 22w = 260 w = 11.81818181 Length = 4w = 47.2727 or 47 3/11 Width = 11.8181 or 11 9/11

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