What is 1 x 1 equals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One multiplied by one equals one. This is because any number that is multiplied by one equals itself. In this case, it equals one.

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Q: What is 1 x 1 equals?
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How can x plus 1 equals 2y if y-1 equals x?

solution: y = 0 x = -1

What is -9 multiplied by x equals 1?

The value of x that satisfies -9 multiplied by x equals 1 is x = -1/9.

What does 1 x 1 x 1 equals?


What is the value of X in -x equals 1?

x = -1

What is y equals x plus 2 when x equals -1 and y equals 5?

If [ y = x + 2 ], then x is not -1 when y = 5.If [ y = x + 2 ],then when x = -1, y = 1,and when y = 5, x = 3.

2x plus 5 x-1 equals 9 x equals 2?


1 plus x equals b c plus x equals d d plus x equals 89 b plus x equals c d equals?

1+x=dd+x so dd=1 so d=1 1+x=89b+x so 89b=1 so b=1/89 bc+x=1+x so bc=1 so c=1/(1/89) = 89 so cd=89 (and x=88)

If 1X8 then what is X?

If 1 multiplied by X equals 8, then X equals 8.

Is there a no solution in y equals x-1 and y equals -x plus 1?

In the equations Y=X-1 and Y=-X+1, the solution is (1,0)

What is the formula for a rational function with x intercepts at x equals 3 and x equals negative 2. y intercept at y equals 12. a hole at x equals 1 and no horizontal asymptote?

f(x) = 2*(x-3)*(x+2)/(x-1) for x ≠ 1

When x equals 1 what is the points in y equals 3x plus 1?

When x = 1 then y = 4

What is the value of x when y equals 4 and z equals 1?

x equals 7