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20 inches = 50.80 cm

16 inches = 40.64 cm

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Q: What is 20 x 16 inch paper in cms?
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Can a 16 by 16 inch pillowcase be used on a 20 by 20 inch pillow?

No, as the pillow wouldn't fit in.

55 cms x 40 cms x 20 cms in inches?

(55 cms) x (40 cms) x (20 cms) equals 2,685 cubic inches.

How long is 20 inch by 16 inch?

Conventionally, the longest side is the length. So 20 inches.

Should I buy a 16' or 20 barrel rifle?

20 inch.............

How can you measure the thickness of paper?

Unless you have expensive measuring tools, the best way to measure the thickness of one sheet of paper is to take a stack of the paper that is one inch thick and then count the number of pages in the inch of paper. Then by divide 1/(number of pages). For instance, if it was thick paper and it took 20 pages to equal an inch, one piece of that paper would be 1/20 of an inch in thickness.

What is the volume of a tank that is 16 inch wide 12 inch high and 20 inch long?


How many pieces of paper in an inch?

While paper thickness varies by 'weight' and even brand, 20# bond regular copy paper will take about 250 sheets to be 1 inch thick.

How much does a reem of paper weigh?

The weight of a ream of paper depends on the kind of paper. A ream is 500 sheets. The weight for 500 sheets of 24 lb., 11 inch x 17 inch book paper would be 4.72 pounds. A ream of 20 lb. 8.5 inch by 11 inch letter-size paper weights 5.00 pounds.

What is the thickness of 20 lb bond paper?

20 lb. bond paper isn't 20 pounds of bond paper, but rather the basis weight, which measures the density of the paper based on how heavy 500 sheets of that paper is. A single sheet of this type of paper is, on average, 4/1000 of an inch thick.

How many sheet of copy paper equal an inch?

Using good quality 24 pound paper, a one inch thick stack is about 215 sheets. Using the more common 20 pound paper - popular in schools - one inch is about 250 sheets.

Can you use a short shaft outboard on a 20 inch transom?

No you can not but you can use a long shaft on a 16 inch transom

How many cm in 0.2m?

20 cms

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