What is 7n squared minus 7n?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is 7n squared minus 7n?
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What is the answer for (two n minus three)(n squared plus 5 n minus 1)?

It is 2n^3 + 7n^2 - 13n + 3

What is 2 minus n minus 7n?

2-n-7n = 2-8n

How would you factor 12n squared plus 4n cubed minus 7n?

n(2n - 1)(2n + 7)

What is 3n squared minus 5n minus 4n cubed plus 5n squared plus n plus 7?

Assuming you meant 7n (not just 7 at the end of your question) - first... simplify the equation. Numbers raised to powers get priority - so your new sum is... 5n - 64n + 25n + n + 7n.... This simplifies to... -26n

How do you factor 100m squared-49n squared?

100m^2-49n^2 (10m+7n)(10m-7n) the middle term cancels out.

What is 24 minus 7n less than 11n minus 12?

n > 2

What is 3n squared minus 7n equals 0?

3n2 - 7n = 0 n(3n - 7) = 0 So either n = 0 or 3n-7 = 0 ie, either n = 0 or n = 7/3 = 21/3 = 2.33...

20n2 - 7n - 6 20n2 - 7n plus 6 20n2 plus 7n - 6 20n2 - 7n plus 1?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals", "squared", "cubed" etc. Please use "brackets" (or parentheses) because it is impossible to work out whether x plus y squared is x + y2 of (x + y)2.

How do you factor -7n squared plus 74n plus 33?

-7n2 + 74n + 33 = -7n2 + 77n - 3n + 33 = -7n*(n - 11) - 3*(n - 11) = =(-7n - 3)*(n - 11) = -(7n +3)*(n - 11)

How do you you factor 3x squared minus 25x minus 28?

3x squared minus 25x minus 28

What is n squared minus n?

n squared minus n

What is the answer to 2x squared minus 4?

2x squared minus 4