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x = ? 42 = x squared minus x

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Q: What is answer to polynomial x-squared minus x minus 42?
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What is the solution to x squared minus x minus 72?

xsquared minus x minus 72

What is the factorization of the polynomial below 2x2 18x 36?

It is the same as xsquared+9x+18 and when factored: (x+3)(x+6)

Is x minus the square root of 11 a polynomial?

Yes, it is a linear polynomial.

Is x minus x to the third power a polynomial?


What is x minus 1 cubed?

xcubed-1 Answer::(X-1)(Xsquared+X+1) when you factor xcubed minus a number its the same thing as x cubed minus y cubed and x cubed minus y cubed factors to:: (x-y)(xsquared+xy+y squared) the first factor, (x-y), is the cubed root of the first and the cubed root of the second, so in the answer i have (x-1), which is x cubed minus one cubed :) the second factor, (xsquared+xy+ysquared), you take the first number squared, Xsquared, then the first and second one multiplied together, XY, and then the second number squared, Ysquared, so in the answer i have (xsquared+x+1), which is x squared, then x times 1 which is just x, and positive 1, which is negative 1 squared :) x^3 - 1

What best describes the relationship between x plus 1 and the polynomial x2 minus x minus 2?

X2 - X - 2(X + 1)(X - 2)===============(X + 1) is a factor of the above polynomial.

Factor the polynomial 3x squared minus 14x minus 5?

(3x + 1)(x - 5)

What is the answer to factor the following polynomial x to the second power minus one?

(x + 1)(x - 1)

How do you factor the polynomial x2 minus 19x plus 84?

(x - 12)(x - 7)

What is the quotient when the polynomial 2x4 minus 9x3 plus 13x2 minus 15x plus 9 is divided by the polynomial x minus 3?

2x^3 - 3x^2 + 4x - 3

What does xsquared equal?

x times x

What is 42 minus 30 percent?

42 - 30% = 42 x (1 - (30/100)) = 42 x 0.7 = 29.4