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An equation consisting of polynomials where one of the terms contains the unknown value squared.

This is known as a quadratic equation.

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Q: What is a polynomial equation of degree two?
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A polynomial equation of degree two?

A Quadratic

What is a polynomial equation of degree two called?


What is the difference between a polynomial and a quadratic equation?

A quadratic equation is of degree 2, that is, the highest power is 2. A polynomial is not an equation, however, you can convert it into an equation by setting the polynomial equal to zero for example. A polynomial EQUATION can be of any degree: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

What is the degree of a polynomial equation is based on?

The highest power in the equation.

Are there only 3 degree's in a polynomial equation?

No. A polynomial can have as many degrees as you like.

How do you do a parabola?

A parabola is a graph of a 2nd degree polynomial function. Two graph a parabola, you must factor the polynomial equation and solve for the roots and the vertex. If factoring doesn't work, use the quadratic equation.

What is the second degree polynomial that creates the golden ratio?

The polynomial equation is x2 - x - 1 = 0.

Is -4 a polynomial?

is -4 a polynomial? This depends on what you accept as a definition A polynomial is often defined as a set of things in order obeying certain rules. ( these things and rules can be very complicated) A polynomial EQUATION is an equation between two polynomials When using only real numbers and "regular" math rules -4 is a polymomial of degree 0 x = -4 is a polynomial equation is a polynomial of degree 1 it is the same as x +4 = 0 It can be represented by { 4, 0} Sometimes the terms are used interchangably

Why quadratic equation is used?

It's quite convenient, for it offers a general method to solve any equation that involves a polynomial of degree two (in one variable).

Example of a forth degree polynomial with two terms and a third degree polynomial with two terms that make seven degree polynomial show work?

Assuming you mean a fourth degree polynomial,P4 = x4 + 1P3 = x3 + 1P4*P3 = x7 + x4 + x3 + 1 is a seventh degree polynomial.

Why is a degree 1 polynomial equation ax plus by equals 0 called a linear equation?

A linear equation is one which represents a straight line. When drawn (y plotted against x), a degree 1 polynomial produces a straight line.

What are two polynomial functions whose quotient will have the same degree as the divisor?

For example, if you divide a polynomial of degree 2 by a polynomial of degree 1, you'll get a result of degree 1. Similarly, you can divide a polynomial of degree 4 by one of degree 2, a polynomial of degree 6 by one of degree 3, etc.