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A fourth degree polynomial.

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Q: What type of polynomial is formed by adding a second degree binomial to a fourth degree monomial. State the degree of this polynomial?
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What are three types of polynomials?

binomial, trinomial, sixth-degree polynomial, monomial.

How is the degree of a polynomial determined?

The Degree (for a polynomial with one variable) is the largest exponent of that variable.

What is the highest power of a polynomial called?

degree of monomial

An expression must have a monomial of degree 2 or higher to be a polynomial?


Classify the polynomial by its degree and by the number of terms.5m?

linear monomial

What is the technical name for a first degree polynomial?

A binomial.

Is every monomial a polynomial?

Yes. A monomial is a zero-degree polynomial. Although the prefix poly means "several" the definition allows for any finite number of terms.

Is 3x over seven a polynomial is it a monomial or binomial or trinomial and what would the deggree be?

It's a monomial of 1st degree (linear). "3x over seven" = (3/7)x The x term (indeed the ONLY term -- hence monomial) has a coefficient of 3/7. Since the variable x appears to the 1st power, it's 1st degree.

What is the definition of a degree of a monomial?

A degree of a monomial is simply what exponent or power the monomial is raised to. Key: ^ means "raised to the power of" -5t^2 means the degree is 2, the number is -5, and the variable which is being put to the power of, is t. the degree has a little trick, however. If there are three monomials or more, being added or subtracted, to make a polynomial, and each has a degree (lone variable has a degree of 1) and the monomial that has the highest degree represnts the whole polynomial's degree.

What is meant by the degree of a monomial and polynomial?

The degree is the highest power of the variable that appears in it.(x2 + x + 9) is a second degree polynomial(Q4 - 72) is a fourth degree polynomial( z ) is a first degree monomialSo the degree of a polynomial in one variable is the highest power of the variable.For example, [ 2x3 - 7x ] has degree 3.The degree of a polynomial in two or more variables is the greatest sum of theexponents in any single term.For example, [ 5m3 + m2n - mn2 ] has degree 4.And a degree of a monomial is the sum of the exponents of its variables.For example, [ 4a2b3 ] has degree 5.

Classify the following polynomial -32xyz?

Since no terms are added, it is a monomial (one term). Adding the powers of the variables (three variables, each to the first power), you see that it is of degree 3.

What is A polynomial of degree 1.?

That means that the monomial of the highest degree has a degree higher than 1. For example: x + 5 3x - 7 -27x + 8