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it is the volume

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Q: What is l times w times height equal volume?
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Does area equal length times width times height?

Area is l (length) x w (width), Volume is measured with l (length) x w (width) x h (height).

What does L x W x H mean?

The volume of a rectangular object is equal to Length times Width times Height.

What is the length of a wood box if the volume is 258 cm cubed the width is 21.0cm and the height is 13.8cm?

Assuming the box is a regular cuboid shape then its volume is equal to the length times the width times the height. So if we let l equal length then:volume = l * 21 * 13.8258 = l * 289.8l = 258/289.8l = 0.890cm (to 3 decimal places only).

What is the formula for the ruler method of volume?

l times width times height

What is the volume of a rectangualr prism?

V = L*W*H. "volume is length times width times height"

What is the mathematical expression of volume?

volume is length times width times height v=l x w x h

The formula for findding volume of the cuboid is?

If its length is l and its width is w and its height is h, its volume is l x w x h. (length times width times hight)

What is length times width times height?

L*W*H = the volume of an object. like a cube or a box

How do you find volume of the wall?

B x L x W. base times lenght times height.

What is the formula to find volume in cubes?

The term cubic applies to cubes, cuboids, and other parallelograms, which have 3 dimensions - length, width, and height for example. To find the volume, multiply the length times the width times the height in any consistent units. The formula is L x W x H.

Why does volume divided by area equal height?

V= l * w * h since A= l * w V= A * h therefore h= V/A

What is the formula of a rectangular prism?

volume=length times the width times the height or V=L x W x H