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The new volume is 76.566 cubic inches.

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Q: What is radius of a sphere is that has a volume of 64pi and if the radius is reduced by 1 inch what is the new volume of the sphere?
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What is the total surface area of a sphere with a radius of4?

Area = 4*pi*42 = 64pi square units

What does the water level in a cylinder rise by when a sphere is submerged in it when I know the radius of the sphere and the radius of the cylinder?

Fist you've got to find the volume of the sphere, if the radius was 4cm then it would be...4/3*pi*r3=268cm V of cylinder= pi*r2*l (the radius for example is 8cm) 268=pi*64*l L=268/64pi =1.3cm

Total surface area of a sphere with a radius of 4?

To find the surface area of a sphere, the formula is: 4pi*r2So plug in numbers: 4pi(4)24pi(16)=64pi

The area of a sphere with radius 4 inches in length-?

Surface area of the sphere: 4*pi*42 = 201.062 square inches rounded to 3 decimal places

What is the diameter of a circle whose area is 64pi?

Area = 64pi implies that radius = 8 units So diameter = 2*rad = 16 units.

Find the area of the circle whose radius is 8 miles?

64pi (miles square)

What is circumference if A 64pi?

The circumference of any circle = diameter*pi or 2*pi*radius

What is the area of a 16 inch wide circle?


R8m find the area of the circle in terms of pi?

A = 64pi

What is the radius of a circle if it had a 90 degree sector and an area if 64pi?

From your question, we can't tell whether [ 64 pi ] is the area of the circleor the sector.The area of a circle is [ pi R2 ].If [ 64 pi ] is the area of the circle, then the radius is [ 8 ], and we don't careabout the sector.If [ 64 pi ] is the area of the sector, then the area of the full circle is [ 256 pi ](because the 90-degree sector is 1/4 of the circle), and the radius is [ 16 ].

A pizza has a diameter of 16 inches. What is the area of the pizza leaving the answer in terms of pi?

Area of pizza: 64pi square inches.

What is the diameter of a circle whose area is quadrupled when the length of its radius is increased by 4cm?

The answer to your question is 8 cm diameter, increasing to 16 cm diameter: r2 squared = 4 x r1 squared and r2 = r1 + 4 r1 squared + 8r1 + 16 = 4r1 squared 3r1 squared - 8r1 - 16 = 0 Factors are (3r1 + 4)(r1 - 4), so original radius was 4cm (area 16pi) and increased radius is 8 cm (area 64pi).

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