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The domain can be any set that you like: from the set of complex numbers down to the set comprising just one number, eg {7.39}.

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Q: What is the domain of the function f(x) x2 plus 3x plus 5?
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What best describes the function below fx equals 2x2-3x plus 1?

B- It is a many-to-one function

What is f5 if fx 3x plus 2?


What is the value of the function fx equals 3x plus 2 and has a value between 5 and 17?

The function f(x) = 3x + 2 can take any real value, so the question does not seem to make any sense.

Determine the domain function fx 8x-4x squared-5x-36?

f(x) = 8x - 4x2 - 5x - 36 = -4x2 + 3x - 36 The domain for f(x) can be the whole of the Complex field or any subset.

Fx equals -2x plus 4 divided by 3x-5?

please elaborate your question

What is the domain of the function fx equals 3 over x plus 2?

- 2 makes this zero and provides the vertical asymptote. So, from - infinity to - 2 and from - 2 to positive infinity

What is the domain of the function fx equals -4?

The domain can be anything you like: a single element, all real numbers, all complex numbers, etc.

Fx equals 3 plus 4x?

y = 3x + 2x^2 + k where k is any number

If fx equals 3x-5 then f2 equals?

fx=3x-5 f=(3x-5)/x f2=(6x-10)/x /=divide

Which is a zero of the function fx equals 3x - 21?


Function notation fx is read as?

If it were written in a book of some sort, fx or f(x) is read aloud as "f or x". "f" is a function of some variable, "x". By function it means something happens to x e.g. x2 or 3x+4.

What is the range of fx equals 2-3x?

The range is the all the possible y-values for the function. f(x)=2-3x does not have any points where it is undefined because it is a linear function ( a line). The answer is all real numbers or (-infinity,infinity)